Writer Sara Alvarado—Sharing the Pride of Lewis County


Sara Alvarado, who teaches in the Centralia school district, began writing for LewisTalk in October 2015.

“It’s really important to have a positive media source to share all the great things happening here,” Sara says.

“Writing for LewisTalk allows me to meet people in the community I maybe wouldn’t be able to otherwise meet,” she says.

Sara Alvarado
Sara Alvarado’s articles explore and share the stories of Lewis County.

LewisTalk also helps share hometown pride, Sara adds.

“I think sometimes, living in Olympia’s shadow, it can feel for my students like Lewis County isn’t exotic enough, but having this positive news source just helps to grow pride in our community,” she says.

“My students are interested in what I’m writing about, and learning more about the place they live in. It not only helps my writing instruction in that they see me as a writer, but my students will say things like, ‘I know that restaurant!’ or, ‘I know that park!’ or, ‘I’ve been to the Centralia Fox Theatre!’ All that helps them connect with their community a little bit more, and see its importance and value.

Community Focus

“As a writer for LewisTalk, it’s been great being a conduit to help share the information that helps build relationships in our community,” Sara says.

Sara Alvarado shares the stories of Lewis County.
Sara Alvarado shares the stories of Lewis County.

When asked about the articles that mean a lot to her to share with the community, Sara grows thoughtful, and mentions the article she wrote on Iva Hill.

“I teach in the elementary school that I attended,” Sara says, “and Iva was a volunteer when I was there. I remember reading with her when I was in the fifth grade. So it was really special to be able to sit down with her and hear her take on volunteering and the different things she’d been through in her life. It was nice to sit in her living room and just chat.”

“That was another thing that was kind of a surprise,” Sara continues. “Because back in October when we met, she was really healthy. This was before things took a turn. And I’m just really grateful to have been able to share her story and her memory in that way, because of how much she did for our community.”

Another story that Sara mentions is the article she wrote on Rebecca Staebler and Hubbub. “The more interviews I did, the more amazed I was with how many people’s lives she has touched in this community,” she says.

Sara graduated from Centralia schools, and studied education at Saint Martin’s University. She received her master’s degree from Lesley University.

She and her husband wanted to return to Centralia to be close to family, buy a house locally and raise their own family here. When a job offer came from Oakview Elementary School, she accepted.

“We just really like it here,” Sara says. “It’s a community of really dedicated people who want to make this area as best as it can be.”

Write for LewisTalk

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