Older than the city it proudly calls home, Frosty’s Saloon & Grill in Napavine is more than just a bar and grill. It’s a local institution steeped in history, community spirit, and maybe even a touch of the paranormal. Though it may not be as wild as it once was back in the day, the tale that is Frosty’s is still best told with the tallest of cold ones that this historic bar has been serving up for over a century. Perhaps that’s why, after all these years, it’s still called Frosty’s.

Frosty's Saloon & Grill Napavine
Believed to be built in 1901, Frosty’s is older than the city of Napavine itself. Photo courtesy: Lewis County Historical Museum

A Century of Cheers at Frosty’s Saloon

Established in 1901, Frosty’s Saloon predates the small town where it is found, with Napavine being established in 1913. Needless to say, the big, bustling, barn-like place has been around for a long, long time. In fact, it is even one of the oldest continually operating saloons in the State of Washington, having been a favorite watering hole and place for respite for tired loggers in its early days.

Old liquor licenses dating back to 1903 are still framed on the wall, and the magnificent oak bar from 1902 has found itself serving up generations of liquid libations and later delicious dishes. Though times may have changed, Frosty’s has more or less stayed the same. However, it has had some brief, colorful past lives for a bar, including having spent time as a candy store, barber shop, brothel, and even a place where kids could once earn a penny each by rounding up beer bottles for the owner.

Frosty's Saloon & Grill Napavine
Being over a century old, it’s no surprise there may be spectral spirits at Frosty’s, along with liquid ones. Could one of these patrons in the photo be the mysterious logger ghost at the bar? Photo courtesy: Lewis County Historical Museum

The Haunting Presence of Frosty’s Saloon

Of course, with such a long and storied history comes one’s fair share of well, ghost stories, and Frosty’s is no exception to the rule. Whispers of ghostly encounters even add another layer to the historic bar’s allure for some wayward travelers.

Many past patrons are said to still walk the halls of the establishment, seemingly hanging around for last call. Both customers and employees have reported sightings of a ghostly figure dressed in logging attire, often found sitting at the bar patiently waiting to be served. Others claim to have seen a woman in a blue dress, her presence a chilling reminder of the bar’s colorful past. Sometimes, unexplained voices have been heard coming from inside the saloon. Every day bar noises? Perhaps. Except these sounds have been heard when the bar is emptied of patrons and closed for the night. Whether these stories hold truth or not, it seems that they’ve only managed to contribute to Frosty’s unique atmosphere, attracting curious visitors and locals alike.

Frosty's Saloon & Grill Napavine
Not much has changed at Frosty’s over the years, pictured here in 1987. In fact, the name is said to be the same now as it was in 1901 when it opened. Photo courtesy: Lewis County Historical Museum

The Legacy of Napavine’s Frosty’s Saloon & Grill

After over 100 years of service, Frosty’s has become more than just your everyday bar and has transformed into a vibrant community hub, welcoming families and friends both past and present. These days, its lively atmosphere is enhanced by live DJ entertainment, big-screen TVs showcasing sporting events, and a wide selection of bar games, ensuring there’s something for everyone. With so many amazing, fun-filled amenities, there’s no surprise as to why Frosty’s won Best Bar Lewis County awards in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Frosty's Saloon & Grill Napavine
Nowadays, Frosty’s is more than just a local watering hole for loggers; it’s been split to include a restaurant along with the established early 1900s oak bar. Photo courtesy: Frosty’s Saloon & Grill

In addition, the bar regularly hosts local events and supports other local businesses, solidifying its place as the heart of Napavine. Whether you’re a history buff, a paranormal enthusiast, or simply seeking a good meal and a friendly atmosphere, Frosty’s Saloon & Grill offers a unique experience that transcends the ordinary. So next time you find yourself in Napavine, step into this historic tavern, raise a glass to the past, and see if you encounter any spirits (of the ghostly or libational variety) along the way!

Frosty’s Saloon & Grill
113 W Front Ave., Napavine

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