Benny Sandrini
Benny and Debbie Sandrini have developed long-term relationships with many clients over the years.

Benny Sandrini has been described as “a versatile problem-solver who can tackle almost any aspect of the construction trade.”

Maintaining a high standard is important to Benny Sandrini Construction. “I make sure to complete what I start,” Benny says.

Debbie Sandrini, his wife and partner in the business, adds, “We don’t ask our employees to do anything we’re not willing to do.”

Benny Sandrini Construction
139 Coulson Rd. in Chehalis,

Home Construction and Remodel

Home and Sportsman Show

Bigger and Better: The 55th Annual Home & Sportsman Show

Despite the winter weather, now is the time to start planning for spring home improvement projects here in Lewis County. The 55th annual Home...
Pope's Kids Place

Benny Sandrini Builds New Center for Pope’s Kids Place

Since 1998, the nonprofit Pope’s Kids Place has been providing respite and medical services for children with special needs in Lewis County and beyond....
Benny Sandrini Construction

Benny Sandrini on What Changes in Construction Industry Mean for Consumers

No doubt about it: building or remodeling a home can be stressful. For many people, it’s the biggest financial and emotional investment they’ve ever...
Benny Sandrini Construction

Benny Sandrini’s 6 Key Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Life in the Pacific Northwest is not for the faint of heart, especially when it comes to home ownership. Moisture is the enemy of...
Benny Sandrini Construction

Suppliers Build Relationships with Benny Sandrini Construction

Normally, Steve Samons doesn’t get to see the end of projects, only the beginning. The branch manager at GTS Interior Supply provides drywall, insulation,...
Benny Sandrini Construction

Leaky Roof Leads to a Total Remodel for Benny Sandrini Construction

The tipping point was the roof. The Van Cleve Ford dealership was housed in a building that hadn’t had any changes for quite a...
Benny Sandrini Construction

Benny Sandrini, Contractor and Renaissance Man

Leo Rakoz was struggling. He’d just had his knee replaced and the stairs that led from his back door were difficult to navigate. His...
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