Small businesses are the foundation of any great community. Big box stores simply cannot compete with the personal experience and individualized service offered at local businesses, run by our neighbors and fellow residents. Lincoln Creek Lumber – a hardware store in Tumwater, Centralia and Chehalis – exemplifies a mission of quality and service in their passion for people and commitment to the community. There, you are more than just a number. You are a valued part of the Lincoln Lumber family, and as such, you can always expect the highest level of service. From construction materials to paint, garden and canning supplies, to repair kits, you’ll find everything you need and get the help you deserve from knowledgeable, friendly staff.

Lincoln Creek Lumber
Lincoln Creek Lumber happily welcomes pets and would love a visit from your four-legged friends! Photo credit: Brenda Klawitter

A Mission of Service at Lincoln Creek Lumber

Lincoln Creek Lumber is a family-owned business that has been going strong for five generations. They have been in the community since 1903, and come with an old-school hardware experience that you won’t find anywhere else. “Tracking down help in big box stores can be difficult, but at our store, we are there waiting to serve you,” Social Media and Marketing Manager Brenda Klawitter shares. “We are really designed where you can come in and find everything you need with an associate who will walk you through the process.” Their emphasis on people first truly sets them apart from the competition and makes every shopping experience a positive one.

For the Lincoln Lumber team, it is important to not only help you find the tools and materials you need but to also provide education so you can get the job done right. Many of their staff have a background in construction, maintenance, or even just responsible homeownership that lends to their expertise for DIY projects and larger commercial jobs. “We really get to be a part of people’s lives,” says Brenda. “If you own or rent a home, there will come a point where you need to fix something, and we are there to help with all of that.” Lincoln Creek Lumber has an exceptional team that will ask the right questions to understand your unique project and get what you need to be successful.

Lincoln Creek Lumber proudly guarantees all of their work and products and wants every shopper to have an exceptional experience with every need. “Our mission is to go above and beyond for our customers, and we go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy our customers,” Brenda shares. “We want to exceed their expectations every time they shop.” Serving the community they live in and love has been a continued honor for Lincoln Creek Lumber.

A Hardware Store with a Focus on Quality and Ethics

Lincoln Creek Lumber
Satine Sas is a recent CHS graduate who has been with Lincoln Creek Lumber since she was 16. Developing young talent into long-term employees is a top priority at Lincoln Creek Lumber. Photo credit: Brenda Klawitter

As a locally-owned business, Lincoln Creek Lumber recognizes the power of supporting the local community and fellow small businesses. “We shop locally for our nursery goods, so most come in from Washington state and surrounding areas,” Brenda shares. Every season, you can enjoy new products with exceptional quality and reliability to accomplish any task. For example, during the Christmas season, you can shop for locally grown Christmas Trees purchased right in Mossyrock and available at Lincoln Creek’s various locations. “We purchase from sustainable, small farms, and also charge by the tree instead of the foot,” explains Brenda. “We want our customers to get a great deal during the holiday season.”

In addition to seasonal specials, Lincoln Creek Lumber boasts top industry products and equipment to make your job easy. The Tumwater store is a licensed Stihl shop and offers a range of gas- and battery-operated Stihl products with additional support from the Lincoln Creek Lumber crew. “As a licensed shop, it means we can follow up on questions about your purchase and help with ordering parts or repairs depending on the product,” Brenda says.

Lincoln Creek Lumber
Everyone is happy to see the ACE delivery truck, and Les Bagley is a dedicated employee that loves to help customers with their home improvement and repair needs. Photo credit: Brenda Klawitter

Across their other locations, you can also find leading equipment from brands like Ego, another battery-operated line. Lincoln Creek Lumber with ACE hardware is one of the biggest dealers of the Ego brand in the U.S., so if you are in the market for a mower, trimmer, or even a ride-on zero-turn mower, you can find it all at Lincoln Creek Lumber.

Lincoln Creek Lumber boasts not only quality products, but quality practices as well. They strive to uphold eco-friendly methods to promote a better environment. They also reuse, reduce, or recycle their waste as much as possible to minimize any negative impacts on the environment. One of the most environmentally conscious aspects of Lincoln Creek Lumber is their wide selection and commitment to battery-powered equipment from industry-leading manufacturers. When you shop at Lincoln Creek Lumber, you can trust that you are supporting a company that is making every effort to protect the environment.

Find Fulfilling Employment at Your Local Hardware Store

Lincoln Creek Lumber
Emma Porter is a recent high school graduate who has climbed the ranks to assistant manager at the Lincoln Creek Lumber Market Street location in Chehalis. Photo credit: Brenda Klawitter

The real heart and foundation of any business is the staff, and Lincoln Creek Lumber is made up of a stellar team of industry professionals and caring community members. “One of our greatest strengths is our army of retirees,” Brenda shares. “This generation is looking for something to stay busy, and they come with a lot of expertise in home, garden, and property care that you may not easily find somewhere else.” Additionally, Lincoln Creek Lumber is passionate about the next generation and strives to hire teenagers and young adults to help them get started in the workforce. Together, their team has fostered a culture of community and comradery that makes Lincoln Creek Lumber a fun and rewarding place to work.

Lincoln Creek Lumber is currently hiring across all of their locations and is looking for more talent to join their team. Apply online or text lincolncreeklumber to242424 and discover your next career at Lincoln Creek Lumber!

Lincoln Creek Lumber

1621 Harrison Avenue

771 S. Market Boulevard

2421 93rd Avenue SW


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