“I talk through the inspection report without being an alarmist,” explains Dwayne Boggs when reflecting on his approach to home inspections.

Dwayne Boggs is involved throughout the community, giving back as a “thank you” to all those who support him and his team.
Dwayne Boggs is involved throughout the community, giving back as a “thank you” to all those who support him and his team.

Through Boggs Inspection Services, Boggs has been conducting home inspections around Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, and throughout Thurston County, for more than a decade.

Boggs typically spends about 2.5 hours conducting each home inspection, before emailing the final report to the real estate agent and client.

“I am unbiased, just at the home working for you,” comments Boggs who strongly encourages home owners to have a pre-listing inspection.

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