Building a small business isn’t easy. There is a lot of hard work and sacrifice. But, through it all, business owners know that giving back to the very people who have supported you is essential to creating lasting connections to your community.

Dwayne Boggs has been building his local business, Boggs Inspection Service, for over 12 years. Over the years, community giving has always been a core value for him. During the months of April and May, the Boggs team has demonstrated this through their support of two organizations whose mission is to help those who are most vulnerable in our community.

April Focus – Autism Awareness Month

boggs donation
Families facing an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis often need support navigating the complex system of diagnosis and therapy. Boggs’ donation will help provide that support. Photo courtesy: WAAA.

The Autism Society has been supporting families for over 25 years. In an effort “to promote autism awareness, inclusion and self-determination for all” April has been designated Autism Awareness Month. With the increase in diagnosis of autism, the Autism Society encourages people to go beyond awareness and partners with them in advocating for autism support.

Boggs Inspection Services has stepped up to offer their support during the month of April. Dwayne Boggs believes in the power of community to create positive change and make a difference for those in need. As a result, he has incorporated community giving as a foundation of his company.

During the month of April, Boggs’ support was directed to Washington Autism Alliance and Advocacy (WAAA). The state-wide group helps families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Five dollars from each inspection performed in April was donated to WAAA.

boggs donation
Families facing an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis often need support navigating the complex system of diagnosis and therapy. Boggs’ donation will help provide that support. Photo courtesy: WAAA.

Vince Carmosino, Director of Development and Community Outreach at WAAA, worked with Boggs and his staff to facilitate the donation. With a 14-year-old son on the autism spectrum, Carmosino knows first-hand how essential support can be.

WAAA is an organization focused on bridging the gap between educational and insurance policies and the providers offering ASD services. “We support families in navigating their insurance policies and helping them understand how to access the right coverage for their child. A lot of claims are dependent on diagnosis and we help advocate for access to the right coverage,” explains Carmosino.

Educational support and accommodations at school are often challenging to obtain for ASD families and WAAA helps advocate for them. The complexity of an ASD diagnosis and the multiple treatments and therapies needed – occupational, physical, and speech therapy to name a few – make this helping hand a life-line for many families.

Each person who scheduled an inspection with Boggs Inspection Service in April is now a part of the solution for families facing the challenges that come with ASD.

May Focus – Supporting Domestic Violence Awareness 

boggs donation
Jenny Ryan, wife of Boggs Inspection Service inspector Bill Ryan, is running the Capital City Marathon in honor of her friend Amy, a victim of domestic violence and Dwayne Boggs will be on cheering her on race day, and offering $500 in support.

Domestic violence is often a hidden crime. You don’t talk about it a parties and victims will go to great lengths to excuse the bruises and wounds their friends and family may notice. It’s a hidden truth that, if ignored, can be fatal. Sadly, this was the case for Enumclaw resident Amy Hanford-Erwin. She lost her life on May 27, 2011 at the hands of her husband, who then took his life, leaving behind friends, family, and two children all grieving and asking, “Why?”

Amy’s friend since childhood, Jenny Ryan, was devastated by Amy’s death. Her friend had shared how her marriage was falling apart and Jenny supported Amy in filing for divorce. But it was too late, and Jenny has wondered if she could have done more ever since.

Recently, Jenny has begun to understand that while she can’t help Amy, she can make a positive impact in her friend’s name. This year, she will run the Capital City Half-Marathon in honor of Amy, creating a fundraising effort titled, “For the Love of Amy.” All proceeds go to Olympia’s SafePlace, a 24-hour support for those experiencing violence offering shelter, advocacy, resources, and confidentiality.

Bill Ryan, Jenny’s husband, is an inspector with Boggs Inspection Services. Upon learning of Jenny’s goals, owner Dwayne Boggs knew he wanted to be involved. Boggs has pledged $500 to “For the Love of Amy” and will be cheering Jenny from the roadside at the May 15 race.

boggs donation
Jenny Ryan is raising funds for SafePlace in honor of her friend Amy Hanford-Erwin and Boggs Inspection Services has sponsored her efforts with a $500 donation. This brick at SafePlace honors her donations so far.

“While I’m running, I think a lot,” Jenny says. “And, I thought a lot about Amy. I felt hopeless, knowing I didn’t help her and now she’s gone. But then I thought maybe I could help others like her.”

Since forming “For the Love of Amy,” Jenny has been surprised at the response. CrossFit Lacey Training Day has formed a running group, led by owner Rachel Janny, in support of “For the Love of Amy.” Donations are flowing into SafePlace and people are sporting “For the Love of Amy” swag, keeping her memory alive.

“If by reading about my efforts in honor of Amy, even one person is inspired to go to SafePlace and get help, get safe, then I feel like I have honored her memory,” Jenny shares.

Donations to SafePlace can make a real impact.

  • $2.50 buys an all-day bus pass to get to court and file a protection order.
  • $25 buys childcare so a mom can attend a support group.
  • $100 buys 24-hours in the shelter for a mom and two kids including a private room, basic necessities, and access to 24-hour advocates and support.
  • $250 provides one week’s worth of fresh food at the shelter.
  • $500 provides staffing for a 12-week support group including private follow-ups.
boggs inspection services
Dwayne Boggs has been conducting home inspections in the area for 12 years.

“Dwayne’s donation will make a real difference at SafePlace and I know Amy would be so happy to know that we are raising awareness of domestic violence in her name and hopefully helping someone else in a violent situation before it’s too late,” Jenny says.

If you’d like to support Jenny and “For the Love of Amy,” call SafePlace directly at 360-754-6300, asking to donate to the campaign.

To learn more Boggs Inspection Services or schedule a Lewis County home inspection, visit www.boggsinspect.com or call 360-480-9602.


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