Suppliers Build Relationships with Benny Sandrini Construction

Benny Sandrini Construction
The main thing to watch out for? Communication. “Your contractor should be having constant communication with you,” says Debbie. Photo courtesy: Benny Sandrini Construction.

Normally, Steve Samons doesn’t get to see the end of projects, only the beginning. The branch manager at GTS Interior Supply provides drywall, insulation, steel studs and more to Benny Sandrini Construction, another business located in Chehalis. GTS has been working with the Sandrinis for more than ten years and is part of a group of local businesses that power the wide variety of services they perform.

But on one occasion, the interior supply store found itself on the other end of the spectrum, with a bunch of broken asphalt that needed fixing. Fortunately, Sandrini’s skills are versatile. “Benny was able to come in and replace that with concrete,” says Samons.

“Benny can do anything,” says Larry Walker, owner of Aristocratic Cabinets, another supplier that Sandrini works with. “Sheetrock, painting, foundation work—anything you want, he can do. He gets the job done and he’s fast.”

Working on a multitude of diverse projects means that Benny and his wife Debbie have developed long-standing relationships with businesses that supply lumber, cabinets, electrical equipment, sheetrock and more. Before opening his own company, Benny connected with the local community through his father’s business. “I’ve been working with Benny for about 20 years, and before that it was his dad,” says Walker. “We get along well.”

The companies help each other with referrals whenever possible. “They send us more business than we send then,” says Samons. “They do a lot of different construction projects and also do concrete finishing. If we have someone come into our yard that needs something they offer, we send them to Benny and Debbie.”

“They’re great folks to deal with,” he continues. “We have the kind of relationship where they call us up and say ‘go.’ We have the materials they need and we take care of them. It’s a good business relationship.”

Benny Sandrini Construction
Benny and Debbie Sandrini have developed long-term relationships with many clients over the years.

“Benny’s a character,” says Rhett Palmer, Head of Commercial Sales at Palmer Lumber, a Chehalis business that supplies the Sandrinis with materials for their projects. “I know he does good work. His wife Debbie is a sweetheart to deal with. She brings us cookies every year at Christmas.”

Both of the Sandrinis put in long hours, with Benny usually leaving the house by 6:30 a.m. and Debbie getting into the office by 6:00 a.m. “As a type 1 diabetic, I can’t always help Benny, but he’s made it possible for me to stay home and do what I need to so that customers are taken care of,” says Debbie. “We really want people to be happy.”

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