2022 Little Miss Friendly

Submitted by Lewis County Parks & Recreation Department

This year we had 19 contestants for the 2022 Little Miss Friendly competition, held 14 interviews and we are now very proud to announce our Top 5 Finalists. Little Miss Friendly is the living logo and official hostess of the Southwest Washington Fair (SWWF) and will represent the SWWF at this year’s fair as well as at many events, parades, and activities throughout the year.

Connie Riker, Director of Parks & Recreation which is the Department that organizes the
Southwest Washington Fair, says “I am very impressed with the quality, kindness, and of
course friendliness, exhibited by our Little Miss Friendly. The judges do an amazing job
selecting just the right representative for our Fair, and I am excited to see which of these
incredible young ladies will be our Fair’s representative for the 2022-2023 season.” The
new Little Miss Friendly will be announced on Tuesday, August 16, on the opening day of
the Southwest Washington Fair on the Saloon Stage at 6:00 p.m.

The five finalists will be called Thursday with details of their next steps by Little Miss
Friendly Coordinator Sue Barton, who says she is serving her last year this year. Connie
Riker says the SWWF is recruiting for a new Little Miss Friendly Coordinator, and if you are
interested to please call the office right away so you can shadow Sue for the rest of this year before she retires.

The 5 Finalists for 2022 are (in no particular order):

Gracelyn Briggs – a 9-year-old from Centralia who attends Fords Prairie School and stated “I want to be Little Miss Friendly because I want to spread kindness across the county. I would like to help others feel good when they are down and be a good friend to everyone.”

Emma Britton – a 9-year-old from Chehalis who attends Orin Smith School and stated I
would like to be Little Miss Friendly because I like people and I like making friends.”

Ella Hughes – a 9-year-old from Centralia who attends Centralia Christian School and said “I would like to be Little Miss Friendly because I love the fair and all the animals and want to be there every day! I also love being in parades.”

Jaxsyn Lowrey – a 10-year-old from Adna who attends Adna Elementary. She said in her
application, “Even though I am only 10 years old, going to the SWWF has always been a
highlight and something I look forward to each summer. Over the years, receiving a sticker
from Little Miss Friendly was enough to put a smile on my face. Now that I am older, I am
excited to have that same opportunity to play a small part of showing others how being
kind and friendly can make this world a better place. Sometimes all it takes is a smile and
simple “Hello” to make someone’s day just a little bit better.”

Finley Swope – an 8-year-old from Centralia who is homeschooled. She said in her
application, “It would be fun meeting new people, attending the fair – since I love the fair so much! Being able to go to events and being in parades in different parts of the county
would be exciting. I would love to pass out stickers and help people smile!

Additional information is available by contacting Connie Riker at the Parks & Recreation /
Southwest Washington Fair Office at 360.740.1495 or by stopping by the office at 1909
South Gold Street in Centralia.

As a reminder, the Southwest Washington Fair is full of fun, animals, exciting rides, and
great food from August 16-21, 2022. Tickets for the fair, derbies, and NPRA sanctioned
Rodeo are available online and in person at 1909 South Gold Street in Centralia.

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