In the autumn of 1983, Dick Young opened NW Sausage & Deli with a passion for old-world-style smoked sausage and a dream of creating a place where everyone could enjoy delicious meat. Dick’s vision lives on 40 years later, complete with his original recipes and under the care of his daughter, Julie Pendleton and her husband, Dave.

This October 2023, celebrate the 40th anniversary of NW Sausage & Deli with Brat-tober and customer appreciation all month! Join them as they raise a glass to Dick’s legacy and the many years of delicious food and warm memories that NW Sausage & Deli has brought to Centralia and Lewis County.  

NW Sausage & Deli
While the recipes at NW Sausage & Deli haven’t changed in four decades, neither has the friendly customer service. Photo credit: Krysta Carper

Celebrate Brat-tober at NW Sausage & Deli

NW Sausage & Deli is the place to go for the finest deli products and sausages around. And for October or Brat-tober, they’re featuring a brand new lineup of fall bratwurst flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds, including new chicken brats. From the classic Bavarian brat to the more adventurous habanero mango, hot buffalo, Philly cheese steak, apple brats and more, there’s a bratwurst for everyone at NW Sausage & Deli.

There’s even a pumpkin pie flavor for all those pumpkin spice lovers. “The pumpkin brat reminds me of more of like a regular brat, but it has a little bit of sweetness,” says Julie. “It’s pretty subtle but so good. People have loved them.” Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or a delicious snack, be sure to stop by and try one of the new fall bratwurst flavors.

NW Sausage & Deli wants to thank their loyal customers for their 40 years in business, so stop in October for their customer appreciation with 40% off of the special featured that week. Don’t forget to enter the fun weekly raffle giveaway, with five winners drawn each Monday!

NW Sausage & Deli
This October, celebrate the 40th anniversary of NW Sausage & Deli with Brat-tober and customer appreciation all month. Photo credit: Krysta Carper

Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours at NW Sausage & Deli

Celebrate four decades of good food and great beer at NW Sausage & Deli with a Centralia-Chehalis Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event on Thursday, October 19, from 5 to 7 p.m. The Pendletons welcome the public to attend this special event, featuring product sampling, raffles for commemorative items and Dick’s beer on tap.

Don’t miss this chance to raise a glass to 40 years of deliciousness! Mark your calendar now to enjoy delectable food and drinks and celebrate NW Sausage & Deli’s 40th anniversary. While you’re there, check out the retail outlet for all things Dick’s Beer. So, fill your growler, or grab a 6-pack to go and check out the fun Dick’s merchandise, including special 40th-anniversary items.

NW Sausage & Deli
NW Sausage & Deli is a local tradition in Lewis County. Many holiday tables in the area feature Dick’s products each year. Photo credit: Krysta Carper

NW Sausage & Deli is a Local Tradition

The scent of smoking meat is timeless for Julie, and it wafts in the air inside and even outside the deli. “It reminds me of the fall and the holidays or hunting season because I grew up with it,” she says.

Customers know when they walk through the doors of the cozy deli and smell the smoking meat, the recipes haven’t changed over the restaurant’s four decades. “It’s all the same recipes Dad used,” Julie says. “We’ve just added things to the menu and tried to evolve that way. It’s unique, though, because it is the same as it was 40 years ago. People have their favorites and know that it won’t change.”

What else is timeless is the traditions customers hold with the food at NW Sausage & Deli.  

“The traditions for people are still the same after 40 years with our local customer base,” says Julie. “We have customers that come in every year in need of a certain item for the holidays or to have their birthday lunch. It gives an extended family kind of feeling for us with our customers. It’s fun to hear those stories, traditions and memories that families have.”

NW Sausage & Deli
Maddie and Alayna with their beloved grandfather, Dick Young or Papa Pepperoni as he was called.

NW Sausage & Deli Through the Generations

Julie’s daughter Maddie and her siblings Jack and Alayna, when they aren’t in school, work in the deli alongside their mother. While she was very young when her grandfather Dick passed away, Maddie remembers sitting on his lap in his office while he worked on the computer. “They nicknamed him Papa Pepperoni,” says Julie.

With plans to stay in the family business, Maddie hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps and keep the Dick’s traditions alive for the third generation. Like her mother, Julie, Maddie loves the customers and the friendly atmosphere of the deli.

“The customers are really nice, and we have a lot of regulars, so I enjoy forming those relationships with them and seeing them all the time,” Maddie says. “It’s a super friendly place to be, and we’re all like family here.”

It’s a heartwarming reminder of the importance of family businesses and the traditions that they pass on.

Everyone at Dick’s and NW Sausage & Deli is so grateful for the support over the last four decades and can’t wait to celebrate with the community this Brat-tober. Come down to NW Sausage & Deli and celebrate 40 years of deliciousness. It’s the perfect way to show appreciation for this beloved local business and the many years of joy they’ve brought to the community.

NW Sausage & Deli
5945 Prather Road SW, Centralia


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