Do you ever wonder what it would be like to go back in time and get lost in the nostalgia of an 80s arcade-style Mario game? How about getting your stuffed burgers and fries served to you by a robot server named RALF? Then head to Insert Coin in Centralia and experience a time warp in this evocatively neon space. Whether you miss or missed that era, Insert Coin’s retro-style bar and restaurant is here to take you and your family back to a simpler time.

Insert Coin Centralia
Play a fun game of Tron while you wait for your delicious pizza and burgers. Photo courtesy: Insert Coin

Meet the Owners of Insert Coin

Daniel and Keli Coleman, husband, wife, and co-owners of Insert Coin, would often reminisce about their afternoons spent enjoying their favorite arcades. Now that they are property managers and have five children of their own, the couple sought a way to extend their childhood pastime to another generation by offering a similar experience. “We just thought it would be fun to open one,” says Keli.

In the summer of 2021, Daniel and Keli purchased a space in downtown Centralia and brought their idea to fruition at a time when opening a restaurant did not come easily for anyone. “We had a hard time acquiring support from any banks, so we had to kind of do it on our own,” says Daniel. “We had to make a little money, then buy a few more games until, eventually, we were able to fill up the space.” Having little help, Daniel and Keli worked together and successfully opened the doors to Insert Coin with approximately 50 arcade games available to play. Today, you may have a hard time deciding what you want to play with over 100 game options for you to choose from.  

Insert Coin Centralia
Enjoy a night out with cool themed cocktails at Centralia’s Insert Coin. Photo courtesy: Insert Coin

Enjoy Mariner’s Style Fries, Freshly Stuffed Burgers and Themed Cocktails & Mocktails at Insert Coin

There are many family-friendly food options at Insert Coin, such as yummy pizza, tasty garlic or chipotle aioli hamburgers, garlic-smothered Mariner’s style fries and a complete kid’s menu.

“I wanted the fries as close to the Mariner’s style that I could get, just packed with garlic,” says Daniel. “We add parmesan on top of them, which just sets them apart.”

“Our specialty is the stuffed burgers we make with fresh local meat from Reichert’s,” adds Keli. “We also use fresh sourdough from Kalama Bakery to make our pizzas.”

The pair make sure they are consistently changing their beer and cider offerings to accommodate each season’s flavors. An impressively lit 26-tap self-pour tap wall filled with cider and beer is a fun place to grab a flight. “We are the only ones in Lewis County and Thurston County to have one,” says Keli, “So that’s pretty exciting.”

In the winter months, find flavor notes of cinnamon, apple, and caramel throughout the bar wall. In the spring and summer, discover more floral and fruity flavors available. “We like to find fun and uniquely named beers to have on our beer wall, and people have fun with that,” says Keli, “But as far as our ciders go, pineapple cider has been our most popular.”

Don’t miss the fantastic cocktails at Insert Coin. Enjoy rotating flavors of Jell-O shots, signature-themed cocktails and all the well-drinks you know and love. Do you want something to drink without alcohol? Try the fun mocktails! Find tasty drinks mixed with Hogwash Punches, including mocktails served in potion bottles with magical vapor inside or a “smokey” dry iced punch.

Insert Coin Centralia
Team up and enjoy an exciting game of pinball at Insert Coin in Centralia. Photo courtesy: Insert Coin

Rent a Fun Party Space at Insert Coin in Centralia

Daniel and Keli know that finding a good party space can be a stressful responsibility, especially when it comes to indoor accommodations that will keep everyone entertained, but that’s not a problem at Insert Coin, where the Mezzanine Party Room is available to rent.

This elevated party loft accommodates up to 30 people and is equipped with tables and chairs. The party room overlooks the arcade side with a  great view of a sparkling disco ball. This area is filled with new games along with the ice cream-making robot machine.

“The great thing about this space is that the older arcade games are separate from the newer games,” laughed Keli. “Oftentimes, we will find all the kids on the party side of the arcade with the ice cream robot, and the adults are here in the retro area playing Tron or Donkey Kong or enjoying a flight.”

Insert Coin is open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday to Thursday and 11 a.m. to 12 a.m. Friday and Saturday. If you would like to host a party at Insert coin, you can book it online on their Partywirks website. Party and pizza packages can be found on their website. Also, watch their Facebook page for future fun events.

You can be an adult and a kid all at the same time at this restaurant of neon nostalgia, so grab the family and make your next memory at Insert Coin in Centralia.

Insert Coin
309 N. Tower Ave., Centralia

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