Coretta Scott King said, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members. TJ Guyer Property Management is always striving to do what is right and positively influence the community. Their company objective is to care for, maintain and enhance the value of their owners’ investment properties. They want to present the highest degree of professionalism, communication, and assistance to both their owners and residents.

TJ Guyer
Locally owned and operated since 1984, TJ Guyer’s goal has always been to provide the best property management services in Southwest Washington. Photo courtesy: TJ Guyer

Owners Fred and Laura Lofgren became a part of TJ Guyer in 2010 and took over the business in 2013. The Lofgrens genuinely care about people, which is one reason they chose property management.

Because of the passion the Lofgren family has to embrace, enhance and invest in the community, TJ Guyer is a proud Community Partner of the Chehalis Foundation. The foundation embodies everything the Lofgrens and the company value. Both organizations share a love for the area and a belief in Lewis County’s future.

TJ Guyer has been locally owned and operated since 1984. Their goal has always been to provide the best property management services in Southwest Washington. They manage and maintain single-family homes, townhouses, apartment buildings and commercial buildings while serving Lewis, Pierce, Grays Harbor, Clark and Cowlitz Counties.

TJ Guyer
Everyone at TJ Guyer enjoys serving their clients, residents and community. Photo courtesy: TJ Guyer

“We want to serve people and provide a place for them to call home,” said Fred. “We don’t want to just provide a house for someone; we want to provide them a place they can call home.” Laura is a schoolteacher with a heart for children. The couple is very committed to serving people in Lewis County and the surrounding areas. Their focus is to put people first and to provide more rental homes in the area. Being parents, both Laura and Fred strongly believe in education and love our close-knit, family-friendly community.

TJ Guyer is highly active in supporting our community. They’ve helped collect school supplies. The dynamic management company also hosted a food drive during the holiday season. The Lofgrens and everyone at TJ Guyer enjoy serving their clients, residents and community.

The Chehalis Foundation partners with businesses that embrace, enhance, and invest in the community. TJ Guyer is the perfect fit as a Community Partner. They welcome people with open arms and enhance and invest in the community by offering more housing options in the area and cleaning up neighborhoods. “We chose the Chehalis Foundation to partner with because we love what they do for the community,” says Fred. “What they have done with Penny Playground is amazing.”

TJ Guyer
The Chehalis Foundation is proud to partner with businesses that embrace, enhance and invest in our community like TJ Guyer. Photo courtesy: TJ Guyer

The Chehalis Foundation is involved in many community projects over the last 17 years. The foundation’s focus is on civic improvements, education excellence, and parks and recreation. To date, the Chehalis Foundation provided an astonishing six million dollars towards community-enhancing projects!

In addition to all the wonderful things the foundation is a part of, they’ve award scholarships to W.F. West High School graduates since 2013. As of 2019, they’ve awarded a total of $407,000. As a result of their dedication to education, over 100 W.F. West High School graduates attended college or career training.

The newest scholarship spearheaded by the foundation is the Debra Sprague Frazier Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to someone pursuing a career in education and is based on a student’s written essay about their love of fastpitch and their degree of participation in Bearcat athletics. A GPA of 3.0 or better is required for the $1500 scholarship and the recipient is chosen by the selection committee comprised of Debra’s family.

TJ Guyer
Whether you’re looking for a rental property or you need management services for your existing investment home, TJ Guyer is prepared to provide you with the best possible experience. Photo courtesy: TJ Guyer

The goal of the Chehalis Foundation, the Lofgren family, TJ Guyer Property Management and all the foundation’s Community Partners is to inspire and better prepare our kids for higher educational opportunities and to be creative thinkers. The aim is to tackle big problems that have a positive impact on Lewis County. All it takes is a love of this place we call home, a sense of pride in being from here, and future generations to feel the same way.

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