Twin Transit drivers see many things, but driver Pam Lafayette never imagined she’d have a front row seat to a rodeo on Market Street.

One Sunday morning in 2005, Pam was traveling south on Market Street in a brand-new bus. Looking ahead, she spotted police cars, fire trucks and other vehicles parked every which way on the road. “Oh my gosh, I have to avoid whatever it is so nothing happens to the new bus or I will be in BIG trouble,” Pam thought.

Her plan was to turn and avoid the area, but then an officer turned up and waved her forward. Rolling slowly toward him, Pam finally saw what was going on. Right there in the middle of Market Street were eight frightened cows being herded by surprised police officers, one of which even had a lasso.

Pam was asked to park the bus so it could act as a barrier. Amazed by the cows’ ability to elude any type of capture, she used the bus to close an area at 11th Street, which helped contain the herd.

“It was frustrating for the officers but really fun to watch,” she says. “There was a rodeo happening right there on Market. Too bad this happened before cell phones had cameras. What an adventure!”

Eventually, the cows were safely corralled, and Pam was left with a hilarious story – even if her route was a little late that day.


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