Audrey Hepburn said, “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” For one Chehalis teen, beauty is a major part of her life. Yet Savannah Etherton’s inner beauty far surpasses what everyone sees on the outside.

The high schooler is also a college student, a certified lash technician and remarkably a business owner. As a freelance makeup artist since she was 15-years-old, Savannah’s traveled as far as Leavenworth to offer her services. Incredibly, at the age of just 16, she started her own business called Bliss & Beauty Company. She is also the youngest individual business owner to network with Young Professionals of Lewis County.

The busy teen attends  W.F. West in the mornings then heads to Centralia Beauty College where she is earning her cosmetology license. Savannah graduates from both high school and the beauty college this June. She also works at Bliss & Beauty Company every day of the week. She has a jam-packed schedule but tackles it with enthusiasm, dedication and diligence.

Bliss & Beauty Company
Savannah helping someone feel beautiful with lash extensions. Photo credit: Dani Berg

Savannah is such an inspiration to many people and her hard work was recognized by Live 95 and Title Guaranty of Lewis County. The local companies recognize outstanding students with the High School Hero Award and out of all the nominees they chose Savannah. Because of her hard work and determination, she is a worthy winner.

Her passion for makeup and all that is beauty began when she was a very young girl. Wanting to learn new hairstyles outside of the braids her mother Tiffany was lovingly braiding into her hair, she searched for different ways to wear her hair online.

At 12-years-old she visited her first makeup store and still gets a twinkle in her eye when she talks about the fond memory. “I felt like the heavens opened up and the angels started singing,” recalls Savannah.  She will never forget the make-up artist who helped her find all her first products. She still has the little heart-shaped blush she purchased on that shopping trip.

Bliss & Beauty Company
The beautifully renovated Bliss & Beauty Company. Photo courtesy: Bliss & Beauty Company

Last year, Savannah opened Bliss & Beauty Company. Ivan Mendez and Ayers Construction remodeled the space to meet her client’s needs. For now, she is applying lashes and make-up by appointment.  Soon, when she graduates from beauty college, the cosmetologist will offer more services.

Where many teen’s focus is on the big game or their next date, Savannah’s remarkable goal is to make her client’s outer beauty match their inner beauty. Her focus is to make those she is helping feel gorgeous in their own skin and to bring out their natural loveliness. Regardless of her young age, her tender heart drives her to help others.

She credits her grandfather for her remarkable work ethic and her father for always encouraging her to follow her dreams. “My Dad has always told me that I could do anything I wanted to,” she says.

Bliss & Beauty Company
Savannah loves making her clients feel beautiful. Photo credit: Dani Berg

Outside of her family’s support, Savannah’s mentor is Brittany Mayes of Salon Logan. Brittany is an incredible inspiration and source of knowledge for the young make-up artist. “Brittany helped me out in so many ways and for that, I’m very grateful,” Savannah says.

Despite her success at a young age, Savannah’s faced struggles along the way. Sometimes the young business owner encounters people who don’t take her seriously because of her age. She also bravely battles anxiety.

Losing someone she was close with in her dear aunt Lukah Herren was another difficult time for Savannah. Yet through it all, Savannah’s remained humble, kind and committed. “You never know how much time you have left and that’s another reason why I started so young,” says Savannah. “I always have wanted to make her proud and I know she would want me to go for it.”

Bliss & Beauty Company
Savannah working her make-up magic on a client. Photo credit: Ashley Wilson Photography

Go for it, she did. The talented, young entrepreneur is more than just a business owner. In any role in the beauty service industry, there is an added responsibility as a client’s confidant. It isn’t just a job – it’s a livelihood that must be tackled with compassion and tenderness. Savannah is an epitome of someone capable of that. Coupled with her hard work and dedication, she’s shown bravery as she dared to chase her dreams. Her young age and success are extraordinary and inspiring.

Bliss & Beauty Co.
440-A N. Market Blvd.

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