Maya Angelou once said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Chehalis native Tiffany Etherton is an example of this endless creativity.

As Art Director for Maysville The Movie, a feature-length movie filming locally this summer, Tiffany finds the perfect historical pieces for each set. “It’s been a learning thing,” she says. “I’ve not been trained in this but I am an artistic person. I am really excited about it and everything’s gone really well.”

Tiffany Etherton
Tiffany and her daughters Savannah and Jorjah. The family loves living in Lewis County. “I think it’s a great community for families,” she says. “There is so much to offer. I don’t know of any other place that has it all like this.” Photo credit: Tiffany Etherton.

The movie is set in humble times, around 1929 in Tennesee’s Appalachian Mountains. “It’s just a really great story,” says Tiffany, “a classic story with a happy ending.”

With her love of history and all things vintage, the project is a perfect fit. “I feel very privileged to be part of it,” she says. “Everyone I’ve met on this project is great. It’s fun to be a part of it and do something different. I never thought I would be an art director so I find that very exciting.”

There are three major sets for the movie. “Those are like my babies that have to be done right,” Tiffany says. “Only my team and I can do it.”

The team is composed of local trio Tiffany, Jessica Kersey and Mary Dawn, owner of Jewelry Boutique in Centralia who first mentioned the movie to Tiffany. “We really work well together,” says Tiffany.

Tiffany Etherton
Tiffany loves to visit Disneyland. She creates her own costumes and custom ears. Photo courtesy: Tiffany Etherton.

She credits Mary and Jeremy Wildhaber of Jeremy’s Farm to Table for their efforts to bring the movie to Lewis County. “Without them, it wouldn’t be happening here,” she says.

The journey to bring the film to Lewis County started with a coincidence. Someone happened to mention the area to Writer-Director Leslie Goyette, who happens to have a family member attending Centralia College. “Things happen for a reason and the timing for them to film here is perfect,” Tiffany says. “[Leslie] came on location and it was her vision. It’s really exciting. After reading the script myself and knowing it would work here, it’s really just perfect.”

Several local businesses and collectors loaned items to be used in the movie, and some props came from the Lewis County Historical Museum. “Jason is wonderful,” says Tiffany. “He is really excited about the project. It was huge having the museum behind us.”

Her other passion is Nia at Embody Movement and Wellness Center. “I fell in love with it,” she says. “It’s a huge creative outlet and kind of magic to me. I hope to do it until the day I die.” Photo credit: Mandi McDougall Photography.

Flint De Koker, owner of Junk ‘n da Trunk, was the first local to offer his treasures for the movie. Ken Wiseman of Crego Vintiques also graciously offered to help. “He is really hands-on with the project,” Tiffany says. “He’s part of the team.” Also helping with items for the movie is David King of King Agriculture Museum, as well as Karen McSwain and Mo Anderson from Shakespeare and Company.

The project is not without challenges. Some of the most difficult are silly things like how to cover carpet. Tiffany researches ways to figure those small yet important details out. She’s still learning about the magic of cameras and angles. “That’s the challenging part,” she says. “I have my ideas of what it will look like but I am not the camera person.”

Tiffany has worked at LIVE 95/KITI for 18 years in sales and as a writer. Her favorite part of the job is working with wonderful people. She’s also a voice actor for radio commercials. She enjoys creative aspects of writing while sharing stories and testimonials, and creating characters. “I love it when my people let me be creative,” she says. “I don’t like grocery lists. I want to make it relatable and personable.”

As a model and muse for her photographer friends, Tiffany’s traveled to Scotland and Ireland for photographs. Photo credit: Courtney Bowlden.

Tiffany channels her imaginative energy in other ways. She has a passion for Nia and recently journeyed to Scotland to earn her white belt. “Nia is a MASSIVE part of my story,” she says. “It is living life as art! It’s dancing through life. It’s changed my view of self and the world in so many beautiful ways. I literally went across the world for Nia.”

Tiffany also makes her own jewelry and sometimes sells it. “I have an infatuation with it,” she says. “I like to take old broken pieces and upcycle them with something new.” She’s also a gifted stylist helping others chose the perfect outfit and jewelry.

Her love of vintage is evident in her clothing. “I’ve always loved dressing my own way and being myself,” she says. “I like dressing whatever I am feeling. Sometimes it’s a 1950s dress or it’s something new.”

With an eye for design, staging homes is another of Tiffany’s passions. “I do it all just for the fun of it,” she says. “I remember hauling a lot of trinkets and treasures in my bag when I was a little girl. I would always redecorate my bedroom. That was really important to me, especially in high school. It always had a theme.”

Posing with an important piece that will be used in Maysville The Movie at Shakespeare and Company, Tiffany is appreciative of the locals who support the project. “They are wonderful here,” she says. “It’s quite the artifact.” Photo credit: Krysta Carper.

It’s been a busy year for Tiffany, who recalls projecting the word “abundance” for herself at the beginning. “A lot is happening,” she says. “Dreams do happen. It’s really exciting for something like this to be here. Believe in your own dreams, because anything is possible. Why not pitch it? Someone pitched it to them. Take every opportunity to be open to it. I think that is huge. That’s what I did. I believe in positive attraction. I just opened myself for whatever came my way in positive ways.”

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