Promote Your Business through Mobile Advertising on LewisTalk


In 2014, we reached the tipping point where more users accessed the Internet from their mobile phones than from desktop computers.

While, statistically, mobile users are more in a browsing mood when they thumb through stories — often still preferring to wait to make purchases when in front of their desktops — mobile users do use their phones to research products, compare prices, locate a store, read reviews, or get community recommendations.

mobile advertising stats
LewisTalk is a responsive website meaning that it automatically adjusts to whatever screen size you are using.

This means getting your business in front of viewers while they’re in a browsing — and deciding — state of mind is a key component of an overall marketing strategy.

Mobile advertising is predicted to reach $200 billion by the year 2019, compared to nearly $70 billion this year.

Mobile users also frequently use their phones to browse social media. Having your business promoted in a user’s Facebook newsfeed through featured business articles and key logo placements on LewisTalk places your brand in front of viewers and gives your business an advantage.

This is why LewisTalk is optimized for the mobile browsing experience as part of its Community Social Network platform.

68% of LewisTalk viewers access the site from mobile devices, compared to 32% on desktops.

mobile advertising
While browsing a LewisTalk article on a mobile device, advertisers receive prime real estate.

Place your brand in front of viewers while they are browsing, deciding and reviewing recommendations from friends and community members. Advertise with [Talk Platform] to reach your target market, grow your brand, and measure results.

LewisTalk is a digital media company sharing positive stories about people, places and businesses in Lewis County. LewisTalk offers content marketing and online options to advertise in Centralia, Chehalis, and beyond. Advertise with LewisTalk to reach your target market, grow your brand, and measure results.

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