Skip A Trip to The Groomers and Let Northwest Paws & More Come to You and Your Pet

Northwest Paws & More
Skip the trip to the groomer and let Northwest Paws & More come to you. Photo courtesy: Northwest Paws & More

Your pet can avoid many health conditions with regular grooming, but when a car ride means a stressful trip to the groomer, you might lose the trust of your companion or have trouble getting them back into your vehicle. So, if you live in Lewis, Mason, Grays Harbor, or Thurston counties, avoid the stressful experience, keep your pet’s health in tip-top shape, and let Northwest Paws & More come to you.  

A Visit From Northwest Paws Means Less Stress for Your Pet and No Mess for You

If you are one of the many pet owners that don’t have an easy time getting into town regularly, or you want to spare your furry friend the stressful experience, Northwest Paws & More is a great and reliable option for you and your shaggy pet.

You can book a full-service bath and haircut for large and small dogs, nail clippings, and nail painting. Aside from that, Northwest Paws can give your furry friend a flea wash, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning.

“I don’t just groom your pet. I am also checking their ears, eyes, and skin to make sure that they are healthy as I work,” says owner Stevie Miller, “I like to let owners know if there’s something I notice during their session.”

Northwest Paws & More
The owner of Northwest Paws & More offers the experience your beloved pet deserves. Photo courtesy: Northwest Paws & More

Meet The Groomer and Owner of Northwest Paws & More

Stevie Miller, a W.F. West High School graduate and owner of Northwest Paws & More, was born and raised in Chehalis. As a little girl, Miller remembers her natural connection to animals, starting on an old farm where she and her dad took care of various horses, dogs, and cats.

“I was an only child, so I was always like, where are the horses and the cats,” laughed Miller. “The farm had some feral cats, and, every day, I was able to get a little closer until they eventually got comfortable and became our indoor cats.”

Miller spent afternoons caring for various animals around a neighbor’s farm when she developed a natural connection with them. Miller learned a uniquely silent language and gained the love and trust of every animal she cared for. Using positive reinforcement, she found something profoundly unique within herself — she could provide an experience utterly dedicated to the happiness of each animal.

After graduation, Miller successfully found her niche amongst veterinary offices and groomers, but nothing seemed quite as fulfilling as the thought of being her own boss.

Northwest Paws & More
Book a nail trim, full-service bath and haircut, and ear cleaning for your pet today. Photo courtesy: Northwest Paws & More

From Casual Conversation to Life-Changing Career

On a casual afternoon, Miller and her friend sat down to conversate when the idea of starting her own business became something of interest. It was then that Miller had her first spark of enthusiasm as she thought about how she might go about running an ethical business on her own.

As time passed, Miller began to take small steps toward making her dreams a reality. Eventually, with a lot of hard work and planning, everything came together, and Miller met her goal and became her own boss and business owner by the end of 2022.

“I have been really lucky and have had some understanding clients when my bus has a breakdown,” Miller explained. “I mean, it’s just me out there with my bus, but having support from good clients and a loving family has made all the difference in getting by on the hard days. I don’t know what I would do without their hard work and support.”

Northwest Paws & More
“I want my clients to know it’s going to be me showing up for their pet every single time.” Photo courtesy: Northwest Paws & More

The Future of Northwest Paws and More

At first, Miller didn’t anticipate having so many new clients so quickly and sold treats and decals on the side. “It says ‘and more’ on my bus, but I’m so busy with grooming, I haven’t had time to do more.”

There are many reasons to book your pet’s next grooming appointment with Northwest Paws. “You will have peace of mind knowing your dog is home with you, and your pet will do a lot better in a comfortable and familiar place,” says Miller.

Northwest Paws & More
When you book with Northwest Paws & More, there is always a groomer near you. Photo courtesy: Northwest Paws & More

“I have pets that are afraid to greet me at first, and by my third or fourth visit, they are on the bus with their tail wagging before I am even ready,” laughed Miller. “That’s why I don’t want a random person showing up. I want my clients to know it will be me showing up for their pet every single time.”

So, save your back and keep your furry friend fresh and clean with a visit from Northwest Paws & More.

Northwest Paws & More is open seven days a week. You can visit Miller’s Instagram page for updates and photos. If you would like to book an appointment with Northwest Paws or stay up to date on hours of operation, please go to her Facebook page to set up an appointment or call 360.203.5573.

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