2023 is the time to try new things, discover fun locally and visit places you haven’t been to in a while. From the beautiful outdoors to exciting classes, delicious food and more, don’t miss this list of 23 things to do in Chehalis, Centralia and all around Lewis County in 2023!

Friendly trails Lewis County
Sit with your doggo and enjoy the passing planes at the Airport Levee Trail in Chehalis. Photo credit: Natosha Burnett

1 – Take the Dog for a Hike

Try One of These 3 Dog-Friendly Trails in Lewis County with Airport Levee Trail, Rose Park, and Oxalis Loop Trails. All are a perfect way to get your pooch outside and time immersed in nature as walking not only benefits your health but also strengthens your bond with your pup.

2 – Discover Historic Downtown Centralia

With fun activities, delicious dining and exciting events, Step Out and Explore Historic Downtown Centralia. Spend the day out on the town discovering some of the finest gems in Centralia.

3 – Learn a New Skill

Did you know that a New Mounted Archery Club in Winlock Brings Sport to Lewis County? Owner Carmen Frentress is a friendly, open person who ensures everyone feels welcome at Valkyrie Mounted Archery. You don’t have to own a horse or have shot a bow before.

4 – Keep the Kids Healthy for Sports

Kids and sports often lead to trips to the doctor. Keep them active and healthy all season long and Prepare Your Kids for Sports With the Help of Foot & Ankle Surgical Associates.

5 – Explore Local Waterways in Lewis County

Lewis County waters
Hikers, bikers, and horseback riders can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the Chehalis River from the bridge near Spooner Road along the Willapa Hills Trail. Photo credit: Robin Montgomery

Lewis County is abundant with beautiful lakes, rivers and streams, but have you ever wondered about the story behind the names of these familiar places? Learn How the Rivers and Lakes Got Their Names: The Story of Lewis County Waters. From fishing with a boat in Riffe Lake, paddling a canoe down the Chehalis, swimming at Mayfield Lake, or dipping your toes in the Skookumchuck, Lewis County offers plenty of ways to enjoy the water.

6 – Plan a Camping Trip to East Lewis County

Whether you have a large RV with all the amenities, or if you are a backpacker who camps with minimal gear, there is a place to enjoy the great outdoors for all types of camping in Where To Go Camping in and Around Packwood.

7 – Visit a Timberland Regional Library and Grab a Good Read

You don’t even have to go to the library during “normal” business hours. Timberland Regional Library Offers Expanded Access Hours to Patrons by offering expanded access hours (EAH), which allows library patrons to use TRL resources outside of standard operating hours.

8 – Read a Thrilling Crime Novel by a Local Author

JL Engel A Dangerous Man
I hope that anybody who picks it up and reads it likes it, but give me a review — good, bad or ugly,” says Engel. “I hope you enjoy it and just be ready for one day when it does become a movie.” Photo courtesy: J.L. Engel

Speaking of reading, pick up a great read by a local author with Centralia’s J.L. Engel Pens ‘A Dangerous Man’. All 446 pages will leave you on the edge of your seat, waiting for what comes next. Get a copy on Amazon or find it locally at Book ‘N’ Brush in Chehalis.

9 – Watch a Movie Filmed in Lewis County with “Maysville”

Set in the 1920s, “Maysville” tells the story of Teddy Rogers, a boy living in the Appalachian Mountains, but many of the scenes are filmed right here in Lewis County. Check out ‘Maysville’ Lewis County-Filmed Movie to rent or buy on Amazon Prime and Google Play.

10 – Explore an Ancient Cave

If you are already heading east on Highway 12, are looking for a quick side adventure off the beaten path, a place to stretch your legs, or to educate the kiddos, then take the scenic detour and experience the hidden gem of Layser Cave Interpretive Trail in Lewis County: Bridging the Gap in Our History.

11 – Discover Colorful Murals in Downtown Chehalis

Irisa Kennedy
The Love Chehalis mural proudly displays Irisa Kennedy’s talent. Photo courtesy: Experience Chehalis

Downtown Chehalis has delightful shopping, wonderful eateries and colorful art. Over the past three years, talented local artists created over 70 pieces of art, from the garbage can lids and utility boxes to murals and art benches with Color Welcomes Visitors in Downtown Chehalis With Chehalis Community Renaissance Team.

12 – Grab a Cup of Coffee

Retired Centralia police officer Angie Humphrey and her family operates Skull and Crossbones Coffee Co. in honor of the Adna school mascot, the Pirate. “We are community-based,” says Angie. “Hometown pride is particularly important to us.” So take a trip down Highway 6 for your next caffeine fix and look for the X Marks the Spot at Adna’s Skull and Crossbones Coffee Co.

13 – Delight in a Yummy Breakfast and Brunch in Lewis County

Some mornings just coffee is not enough to start the day. So, don’t miss Local Breakfast and Brunch Spots All Around Lewis County. From the Twin Cities to Pe Ell, Vader, Morton and everywhere in between, find brunch spots to sit back, relax, and enjoy your food.

14 – Find Good Food in Packwood

Packwood restaurants
With stunning vistas, adventure awaits in Packwood. Photo credit: Niki Wren

A day exploring this hideaway in the mountains will leave you hungry. You won’t find fast food places in Packwood, but you will discover a selection of locally-owned restaurants with delicious food, cold brews, and more to fill famished bellies with Where to Eat After the Adventure: Restaurants in Packwood.

15 – Bring Nature Inside with Plants

Are you looking to create a cozy atmosphere, help feel less stressed and filter the air in your home? Get beautiful plants and expert advice from Houseplants Bring Nature Indoors at Centralia’s Pioneer West Garden and Pet Center.

16 – Visit an Enchanted, Edible Forest

Need plants for the outdoors? Michael and Carolyn Dolan’s Enchanted, Edible Forest at Burnt Ridge Nursery and Orchards provides Lewis County residents with an excellent source of trees, berries, natives, and other plants.

17 – Eat at a Famous Restaurant

Centralia's Dick's Brewing Company
Julie and Dave Pendleton with Guy Fieri, the host of “Diner’s Drive-ins and Dives.” Photo courtesy: Dick’s Brewing Company

Touted by the show as “a real-deal meat market stackin’ up serious sandwiches,” Centralia’s Dick’s Brewing Company Featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

19 – Get in Good Health with Nature Nurture Farmacy

Head to Nature Nurture Farmacy for services, including sports physicals, sauna treatments, hydrotherapy, and cupping. Staff and guest instructors also offer classes in nutrition and fun subjects like making fire cider and mocktails. Take advantage of this community treasure and feel better for it at Nature Nurture Farmacy in Chehalis Offers Increased Options for Good Health.

20 – Quench Your Thirst for Craft Beers

The Juice Box in Centralia Will Quench Your Thirst for Craft Beers and Local Events and has been attracting a steady stream of customers from Lewis County and beyond since opening its Tower Avenue doors. Aside from a love of craft beers, the objectives of The Juice Box are to host an event/activity space in a family-friendly establishment.

21 – Get Creative with Wool

Ewe and I Chehalis
Wendy Clark is one of the passionate teachers at Ewe and I that can answer any of your questions and is happy to share her knowledge. Photo credit: Kristina Lotz

Whatever it is about wool that has drawn you in, A World of Wooly Wonder Awaits at Ewe and I in Chehalis is the place to satisfy your curiosity and creativity. With classes, events and all the yarn, needles, hooks and patterns you could want, this local shop is perfect for those who love fiber arts or those looking to learn.

22 – Explore LewisTalk’s Community Event Calendar

LewisTalk’s community event calendar is a wonderful place to find fun activities and things to do throughout Lewis County, including Centralia, Chehalis and beyond. Check it out and find a fun event to attend in 2023!

23 – Chase Checkers with Cedric Richey

Quarter midget racing is a family-friendly sport where participants race on 264 feet long oval tracks, typically concrete, asphalt, or dirt. Chasing Checkers: Toledo’s 6-Year-Old Cedric Richey is Bringing Home the Hardware is the epitome of cool, so catch a race in 2023!

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