kull and Crossbones Coffee Co. is in the heart of Adna on Bunker Creek Road. The cute little coffee stand is right across the street from Adna Grocery. If you have a child who goes to Adna Middle/High School that has to get to zero hour or practice at the crack of dawn, chances are you have gotten a coffee from everyone’s favorite local coffee shop. Angie Humphrey and her family recently took over the business and changed the name to Skull and Crossbones Coffee Co. in honor of the middle/high school mascot, the Pirate.

Skull and Crossbones Coffee Adna
Colorful, delicious drinks from Skull and Crossbones Coffee are exactly what you need on a warm day. Photo courtesy: Skull and Crossbones Coffee Co.

New owner Angie is a force to be reckoned with. She pulls double duty as a coffee shop extraordinaire and protects and serves the community as a police officer. Both jobs she loves and takes very seriously. Originally from Grays Harbor, however, Angie is a proud transplant to Lewis County, where she has served as an officer for many years. Sometimes her two worlds collide, and someone she has arrested comes through the coffee shop drive-thru and tells her what a difference she has made in their lives and how well they are doing since being arrested. Of course, not every arrest has been a success story, however, if it were left up to Angie, they would be.

Angie and her team of baristas are huge supporters of the community. They deliver coffee to Adna Elementary School every Wednesday. They are often on call for the middle/ high school staff as well. The shop will deliver anywhere local if you just give them a bit of notice.

Skull and Crossbones Coffee Adna
Drink special # 646 in honor of fallen trooper Justin Schaffer. Photo courtesy: Skull and Crossbones Coffee Co.

Other than the new name of the coffee stand, Angie has made a few more changes. She has brought in a local coffee from Lewis County Coffee Company. The new menu offers many different options, including keto-friendly drinks, yummy Lotus beverages and some highly creative seasonal thirst-quenchers.

Number 11 on the menu is in honor of Adna Student Marcus Hampton, who tragically passed away too soon. Eleven was his football number when he played for the Pirate’s football team. The drink is the barista’s choice because every time Marcus came to get coffee, he always asked the barista to make him their favorite drink.

“We are community-based,” says Angie. “Hometown pride is particularly important to us.”

When you drive by Skull and Crossbones, you can’t miss the flag displayed in support of her fellow officers. March 24 of this year was the second anniversary of Trooper Justin Schaffer’s end of watch. To honor him, Skull and Crossbones donated $1 from every drink special sold to the Adna High School Justin Schaffer Memorial Scholarship Fund. They earned a total of $1560 for the scholarship fund for a student interested in a career in law enforcement. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to Trooper Schaffer and his family!

Skull and Crossbones Coffee Adna
Adna’s Favorite Coffee Shop – Skull and Crossbones Coffee Co. Photo courtesy: Skull and Crossbones Coffee Co.

Meet the Baristas at Skull and Crossbones


Manager Beth has been an employee of the coffee shop since it opened. She attends college and will be graduating with a personal finance degree this year. Most weekends, you will find her making drinks at the coffee stand.


Grace has also worked at the coffee shop since it first opened. She works on the weekdays and loves to go to the gym when she is not at the coffee stand slinging coffee.


Kylee has been making coffee for five years. She is a mama of two kids. Skull and Crossbones is lucky to have her and all of her coffee knowledge. She can be found at the shop on the weekdays.


Addison is an Adna High School graduate and works at the shop in the afternoon. She is currently going to school to be an esthetician. When she is not at the coffee shop, she can be found doing lashes.

Skull and Crossbones Coffee Adna
Find Liquid Gold iced coffee at Skull and Crossbones in Adna. Photo courtesy: Skull and Crossbones Coffee Co.

It is said that coffee was discovered by a goat farmer. After his goats ate berries from a specific tree, he noticed that his goats became so energetic and did not want to sleep at night. He told his friends at a local monastery, who then made a drink with the magic beans and discovered that it helped them stay alert during their long hours of evening prayer. Can you imagine had the farmer not noticed the behavior of his goats or not shared his discovery with the monastery? A life with no coffee? Some would rather walk the plank!

Go check out Skull and Crossbones and tell them LewisTalk sent you. Don’t forget to tip the baristas for all their hard work!

Skull and Crossbones Coffee Co.
108 Bunker Creek Rd., Chehalis

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