National Geographic has spent decades capturing our planet’s most wondrous, breathtaking places and sharing unique stories from around the world. Their series, “National Geographic Live” (Nat Geo Live), is coming back to the Washington Center and will be featuring longtime National Geographic Photographer and award-winning filmmaker Andy Mann as he takes the stage to tell his own story. Aptly titled “From Summit to Sea,” he will share his journeys in photography with never-before-heard tales from his travels and projects. Experience this one-of-a-kind show on January 20 at 7 p.m. at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts. Buy your tickets online today!

Washington Center for the Performing Art
Andy has has the joy of seeing many faraway places, each with its own unique beauty and story. Here he had the opportunity to photograph climbers in the breathtaking French alps. Photo credit: Keith Ladzinski

Get Up Close and Personal Through National Geographic Live Speaker Series

The Washington Center for the Performing Arts is honored to be featuring this sought-after series, especially with speaker Andy Mann taking the stage. “From Summit to Sea” broadly captures the life Andy has led as he transitioned from a rock climber to an ocean conservation activist, photographing the world’s wonders all along the way. Andy has been working with National Geographic for the last decade and joined the National Geographic Live Series in 2018. For him, the opportunity to get up close and personal with his audience is a passion project that he enjoys every year.

“I love the performing arts and am a huge fan of theatre in general,” shares Andy. “I love the stage, so for me, it is super fun to hold that space. Being in front of thousands of people telling my story is such an honor and a thrill.” Andy presents his life with National Geographic alongside a presentation of photographs, videos and behind-the-scenes footage that captures what his travels have really been like along the way. With a Q&A offered at the end, audience members can learn even more about Andy’s life and the publication that has been broadening the world for decades.

Washington Center for the Performing Art
Ocean conservation has become the heart of Andy’s work as he discovers more wonders in the sea. Here Andy went deep diving with whitetip sharks in the Bahamas and saw firsthand how incredible these creatures truly are. Photo credit: Andy Mann

‘From Summit to Sea’ Reveals the Passion Behind National Geographic Photography

Andy originally started out in photography through his love of adventure sports. “I first picked up a camera to document what me and my friends were doing in the mountains,” Andy recalls. “When I got older, I led shoot climbs for big production companies and documentary films for rock climbing and adventure sports.” After spending 10 years as an outdoor adventure photographer, Andy took his first project with National Geographic on a 2-month field science expedition to study the polar regions and get assets to lobby for its protection. After spending weeks amongst biologists and capturing their stories, Andy won the Crystal Compass Award from the Royal Geographic Society, and one year later, Russia declared the largest arctic national park in the world.

Washington Center for the Performing Arts
The ocean is full of wonderful creatures, each depending on its continued conservation. Andy was up close with polar bears in the piercing blue waters of Greenland. Photo credit: Andy Mann

“From there, my work was on conservation,” he says. “I found a new passion in using photo and video for storytelling to help campaign for protected areas.” Andy began focusing his attention and efforts on underwater work and quickly became an advocate for protecting our world’s wondrous ocean ecosystems. He now spends over 100 days a year at sea documenting cutting-edge marine science across all seven continents and telling the story of our rapidly changing planet. In 2016, his passion became even more personal as he co-founded SeaLegacy, an environmental protection organization that serves as an agency for the ocean. He and his partners, Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier, are deeply committed to marketing, education, and communication centered around the ocean to instill hope and move audiences into action.

This mission runs deep for Andy and is infused in the stories he tells of his misadventures and successes working with National Geographic. With his stage presentation at the Washington Center, Andy wishes to invite audience members to seek ways to make the world a better place for everyone. “I hope people see the show and get inspired to find purpose in their life and fall in love with the planet to be an ambassador for it,” he shares. “I have followed my passion and lived my dream, and through the art of storytelling, I have been able to have amazing opportunities.”

Washington Center for the Performing Art
Andy spends about 100 days each year at sea, giving him the opportunity to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments like this breaking rogue wave in the Savage Islands. Photo credit: Andy Mann

With skilled storytelling, this evening with Andy is sure to bring laughter, tears, connection, and reflection that will ignite a new spark in each person who witnesses this unforgettable look at the world we love.

See the World at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts With Nat Geo Live

Nat Geo Live is an amazing, unique way to connect with planet Earth in ways you never imagined. Featuring passionate, experienced speakers touring around the country, this show is one you will remember for a lifetime. Buy your tickets online with the Washington Center for the Performing Arts!

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