Lucky Shot Archery Chehalis
New owners of Lucky Shot Archery Cody and Courtney Watts with their welcome crew Remy and Oakley. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

Whether you have been shooting a bow for years or have found a recent inspiration to try something new, Lucky Shot Archery in Chehalis offers a beautiful aesthetic with both an outdoor range for long-distance target shooting as well as an indoor range and a full-service pro shop.

Lucky Shot Archery Chehalis
Jess Caldwell shooting her longbow at traditional archery night at Lucky Shot Archery. Photo credit:
Courtney Watts

Although Lucky Shot Archery has served the community for 14 years, new owners Cody and Courtney Watts took over ownership and operations in March of 2021 and are expanding the reach of this community treasure. Upon entering the shop, you will find these two behind the counter, along with their beloved dogs, who greet everyone with a very warm welcome.

Cody, a long-time bowhunter since the age of 11, feels that the timing was everything when he came into town to purchase a bow in 2020. Together with his wife, Courtney, they ended up buying the whole shop.

“I took a leap,” expressed Cody. “I had a heart-to-heart with my wife, and luckily she was excited about the adventure.” With a handshake and verbal agreement from the previous owner Ted who was ready to retire and pass on his legacy to those he felt would best serve the community, they made the necessary arrangements to move to Chehalis and follow a dream. “We left our careers in law enforcement and were ready to take on something special,” said Cody with a smile. “I am not at work here. I am living what I love to do.”

Lucky Shot Archery Chehalis
Jess Caldwell with Wildkind Academy shoots her traditional longbow at the outdoor shooting range at Lucky Shot Archery. Photo credit: Cody Watts

Every day Cody mows the beautiful 80-yard outdoor range surrounded by towering evergreens. He manages the operations and pro shop while Courtney takes on inventory, books, orders and custom arrow building. Courtney is new to archery in the last few years but is out there target practicing with her compound bow.

“This has been a humbling experience and, of course, a huge learning curve,” Courtney shared. “I had to learn fast, but I’m enjoying every moment as I get to work with my husband and best friend along with our four dogs at the shop. Everyone who comes in has been extremely supportive and welcoming since we moved in full-time.”

As far as expertise in the pro shop, the husband and wife team expressed sincere gratitude to Isaac Garza, who offered to help out with the transition. “Isaac is a passionate archer, bow hunter and talented bow mechanic who has taught us both so much,” Cody shared. “He is a wonderful presence to have in the shop and is well-respected in the archery community.”

Lucky Shot Archery Chehalis
Traditional archery night at Lucky Shot Archery with owner Cody Watts. Photo credit: Courtney Watts

In this first year, the couple has added to the quantity and diversity of the pro shop inventory. With an updated logo, they have leveled up the tech with a new website and social media presence, including Facebook and Instagram. Last October, the pair created a Halloween 3D shoot event complete with costumes, a fog machine, corn stalks, spotlights and zombie targets. Through the winter, they offered a traditional archery night and blue face target league.

The 40-yard indoor shooting range offers a great place to practice no matter the season. Lucky Shot Archery continues to provide the 3D Indoor Brush league that runs for six weeks in the winter, complete with Christmas trees. “The indoor range looks like a forest,” explained Cody. “It’s a great winter activity.” In the summer, an outdoor 3D course brings people from all over to shoot through the forest. Lucky Shot Archery hosts multiple seminars with top professionals in the field of hunting and archery.

Lucky Shot Archery Chehalis
Lucky Shot Archery offers a beautiful outdoor shooting range located in Chehalis. Photo credit: Jess Caldwell

When asked about their inspiration to take ownership of Lucky Shot Archery, “One of my mentors, a good friend and hunting partner died at age 44 of a heart attack in 2020,” Cody explained. “Tomorrow is never guaranteed, and I don’t want to look back and regret that I didn’t try something I really wanted to do. My wife and I have a driving passion to grow Lucky Shot Archery as well as create a home here with a wonderful community who we value”.

Both Cody and Courtney want to personally welcome you to the shop whether you have never shot a bow and are looking for a fun hobby or are an avid archer looking for a training ground to prepare for the next hunting season. The rustic shop with wood-burning stove and elk sheds hanging from the ceilings give Lucky Shot Archery a special vibe that outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate.

The retail store and indoor range hours at Lucky Shot Archery are posted on the website. The outdoor range is open seven days a week from dawn to dusk. Click here for directions.

Lucky Shot Archery
472 Coal Creek Road

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