Everyone’s got their favorite iconic pairing. Peanut butter and jelly. Movies and popcorn. Wine and roses. But chocolate and halibut? It may not sound delicious together but it’s all coming to Ralph’s and Bayview Thriftway this April and promises tasty treats for visitors of all ages.

Stormins Ralph’s and Bayview Thriftway
Spring is in the air and the Easter Bunny is just around the corner at your neighborhood Thriftway. Photo courtesy: Stormans

The arrival of spring has us itching to be outside, together at long last. While it’s still chilly enough that only the die-hards are grilling this time of year, we’re all a little tired of cooking for ourselves. This Easter season, let Thriftway do the work—wash the pots and pans!—for you and just enjoy spending time face-to-face with family and friends.

Start by preordering your Easter Dinner and Variety Basket from now until April 8. Orders must be placed by 3 p.m. on the 8th for pick-up between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 17. This full dinner includes a sweet and savory five-pound brown sugar glazed ham, creamy scalloped potatoes, broccoli crunch salad and warm rolls with butter. It’s enough to feed between 8 and 10 guests or have delicious leftovers, sandwiches and Denver omelets for days.

You can also add on a ham, veggie or smoked salmon quiche that serves between six and eight or one of their assorted variety baskets. There are small and large fruit baskets, a charcuterie and wine basket, or a kid’s basket complete with a fuzzy plush chick and plenty of Easter candy. Submit your order online and you’ll receive emailed confirmation within 24 hours confirming your reservation. No substitutions are allowed.

Stormins Ralph’s and Bayview Thriftway
On Saturday, April 9 come to hunt for eggs at Bayview and Saturday, April 16 is the Ralph’s Eggstravaganza. Photo courtesy: Stormans

Once you’ve reserved your supper, grab the kiddos and their baskets for the annual Easter egg hunt. Bayview holds theirs on Saturday, April 9 and Ralph’s Thriftway will host the following Saturday, April 16. Reservations are not required for either hunt but they’re held on a first-come, first-served basis so line up early because this fills up fast. Both hunts start at 10:30 a.m.

Stormans has hosted the Easter egg extravaganza for more than a decade and several hundred children participate each year. Follow your local store on Facebook for times, event details and last-minute updates.

Hop for Halibut

Stormins Ralph’s and Bayview Thriftway
While you’re out and about on April 16, swing by for the annual halibut and seafood sale. Photo courtesy: Stormans

The tasty treats don’t hop away with the Easter bunny either. On Saturday, April 16 at 9 a.m. adults can get their healthy treats at the Halibut Sale, happening at Bayview Thriftway. “For this sale, we will be offering whole halibut sold by the pound at the best possible price,” says Marketing Director Ashley Paterson. “Also halibut steaks and fillets sold by the pound at an excellent price as well. We will have local Manilla steamer clams and local Pacific oysters. We have not sold shrimp at one of these events before but we are searching out the right shrimp for the sale so we can offer a really nice product at a great price.”

Not sure how to prepare the catch of the day once you get home? Bayview School of Cooking comes to the rescue yet again. Their recipe for halibut with cumin and avocado is a tasty treat. They also explain how to make grilled halibut with mango salsa, baked halibut with a parmesan crumb topping and roasted niçoise salad with halibut. pop back inside the store for plenty of lemons, butter and all the trimmings.

Halibut is a deep-water fish with lean white meat. Containing fewer calories and fat than salmon, it has very few bones and a firm, flaky texture. It can be poached in red or white wine, baked, grilled, pan-roasted or gently simmered in chowder.

Stormins Ralph’s and Bayview Thriftway
Along with fresh fish, look for Manilla steamer clams, local Pacific oysters, shrimp and halibut sold whole or by the steak or fillet. Photo courtesy: Stormans

Whatever you’re cooking, find trendy, fresh and inspiring recipes through the School of Cooking’s Facebook page. They also suggest meals in tandem with store specials or seasonal finds, with the occasional comfort classic mixed in. Facebook is also where you’ll see details about—and ordering information for—current to-go deals, meals and packaged items.

Whether you’re a cookies and milk or steak and potato fan, skillful pairings bring out the best of each component. This April, let Stormans provide the inspiration and all you have to do is hop over and pick things up. From halibut to chocolate eggs, charcuterie to dessert, they’ve got something for every taste, occasion, budget and Easter Bunny.


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