Food is Medicine: Nature Nurture Farmacy Provides Winlock Students with Take Home Garden Kits


Submitted by Nature Nurture Farmacy

When Winlock’s Dr. Alicia Spalding took over the Winlock Community Garden last summer, there were big plans made to create a garden space for the students to learn in and have access to healthy food from. Like most things, COVID-19 has made that reality more difficult, yet Spalding is determined to get kids and families growing good food at a time when it is needed the most.

Through her efforts and from her non-profit organization Nature Nurture Farmacy, students in Winlock will soon have access to take-home garden kits. The project, called “Food is Medicine” will provide 500 students with seeds, soil and a garden manual. Dr. Alicia was born and raised in Winlock and feels strongly about supporting those around her in need.
Winlock Community Garden

“Since the kids can’t come to the garden, we are bringing the garden to them,” says Spalding. “The community has come together to support this project and I have families sorting seeds and folks helping me with the manual.”

The seeds were generously gathered and donated by Danielle Craig of the Winlock School District, but local businesses can support the project through donations. The kits will include a bag of soil, a garden manual, and a variety of 12 different seed types (already collected) including cucumber, sunflower, tomato, squash, peas, beans, radishes, carrots, wildflowers and onion or basil, plus a surprise seed packet. These kits will cost under $4 a piece.

The manual will be available to all digitally, but Spalding wants kids to have something they can take outside and look at and write in. The guide is not only a garden manual but an education tool. Nature Nurture Farmacy will also have videos and links on its website to help students grow and are here to support the student gardeners.

“We’ve had huge community support coming together to donate for seeds, sort and label seeds and help collaborate on our garden manual,” says Spalding. “We are raising money for soil for our bags and printing costs. We know times are tough right now for many but just a $5 donation will make it possible for a kid to get a garden kit and an opportunity to spark a lifetime of loving plants and growing food.”

Kits will be ready to distribute by May 1 and the Winlock School District will help distribute them as they continue to get food and school materials to the students. Right now, the positive health impacts of nutritious food at home is more important than ever. Support Nature Nurture Farmacy with an online donation today and share their information with others.

About Nature Nurture Farmacy

Grow, heal and flourish with Dr. Alicia Spalding of Winlock. Photo credit: Happy Beautiful Wealthy Photography.

Nature Nurture Farmacy (NNF), is a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on community empowerment through lasting health, herbal medicine and sustainable food education. NNF came to life in July of 2018 after a few years of growing the idea of getting food and herbal medicine back into the hands of the local community. Spearheading the Winlock Community Garden since last year, NNF strongly believes food is medicine and want to share this with everyone!

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