You may see Dr. Patrick Halpin cruising the Chehalis Western Trail on his bicycle with four of his five brothers this summer. All living in our area, they enjoy getting out on their bikes together when time permits. Dr. Halpin has not had much time for biking in the past few decades. He has been devoted to the community’s health through his orthopaedic practice in Thurston County for the past 26 years. Finally the time has come for him to hang up his surgical mask and enjoy more of what Olympia and the surrounding area has to offer.

Dr. Halpin worked east of the mountains in Moses Lake for 10 years in a solo orthopedic practice. He moved to Olympia in 1991 and shortly following his arrival, he was instrumental in bringing together orthopaedic surgeons from local practices and consolidating them into Olympia Multi-Specialty Clinic.

Dr. Patrick Halpin
One of Olympia Orthopaedic Associates founding physicians, Dr. Patrick J. Halpin, will be retiring from practice in the summer of 2017. Photo courtesy: OOA

At that time, general orthopedic surgeons performed a wide variety of orthopaedic surgeries. In 1997, he recognized that consolidating orthopedic services would be a great benefit to the community, Dr. Halpin and Dr. Snow merged with Dr. Partlow and partners to create what is now Olympia Orthopaedic Associates, providing comprehensive orthopedic and specialty care to the greater community.

“Allowing each surgeon to specialize raised the quality of care in the community,” explains Dr. Halpin. “There is great diversification without the need to dramatically increase the number of providers,” he adds. What this means to the patient, then and now, is that a visit to Olympia Orthopaedic Associates offers the deep knowledge of multiple specialists. The providers work collaboratively and often consult on cases. “Every patient has easy access to the appropriate and most skilled physician in their area of expertise,” Dr. Halpin shares.

Dr. Halpin was one of the first physicians in the area to utilize a scribe to dictate his notes, allowing him to focus solely on patient care. He blazed the trail for what are considered best practices in the field of orthopedics today. Concepts such as building in ancillary services, including physical therapy and on-site diagnostics makes a visit to Olympia Orthopaedic Associates efficient and convenient for patients.

Dr. Halpin Olympia Orthopaedic
Dr. Halpin is a favorite of the staff and will be much missed by colleagues and patients alike. Photo courtesy: OOA

As a total joint surgeon, many patients have grown older with Dr. Halpin. Patients with sports medicine issues a decade ago are now getting total joint replacements. Dr. Halpin has patients who are truly healthy people with no significant health issues other than their skier’s knee or bad hip from motor biking. Many of his patients seek out general medical advice as part of their orthopedic visit. Dr. Halpin needs to jokingly remind them that they still need a general practitioner to check their cholesterol and get regular check-ups.

Dr. Halpin is ready to start taking care of himself after 37 years. Many of his patients are reluctant to see him retire and to lose a life-long doctor-patient relationship. There has been a sharp increase in scheduled joint replacements that patients have been putting off. These patients will keep Dr. Halpin working until sometime this summer, but he is no longer accepting new patients. New total joint replacement patients will be referred to the newest member of Olympia Orthopaedic Associates, Dr. Milan Moore, who will be taking over Dr. Halpin’s practice, as well as Dr. Helpenstell, Dr. Snow and Dr. Zechmann, who are available to see patients at the Westside OOA location. OOA welcomed Dr. Moore to the Westside Clinic in early April and he will continue to operate with Dr. Halpin until the end of June.

Dr. Halpin
Dr. Halpin celebrates his medical school graduation with his wife, Wendy, and daughter. Photo courtesy: Dr. Patrick Halpin

As a vital catalyst for the growth and development of Olympia Orthopaedic Associates, Dr. Halpin has also contributed greatly to the medical community. He was one of the first surgeons in the area to provide direct anterior hip replacements. As an expert in his field, he has trained many surgeons on this technique. Dr. Halpin has served as president of the Washington State Orthopaedic Association and been a member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, and has participated in the Washington State Medical Association Intra-state Advocacy Council as well. In 2015, he was named a Thurston County Health Care Champion.

Dr. Halpin’s big family has grown bigger over the years and he is looking forward to devoting more time to his 12 grandchildren. He is currently working to establish some of his own territory in his house after working for almost 40 years, being away much of the time. He and his wife are negotiating.

The staff at OOA and the medical community as a whole will miss Dr. Halpin. Fortunately, he is staying in the area and will still be engaged in the community he was such a big part of building. If you see him on the golf course or the Chehalis Western Trail, be sure to say hello. Congratulations on your retirement Dr. Halpin, you deserve it.


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