By day Guy Steele wears a tie and slacks, working his regular job as a business developer at Express Employment Services in Centralia. But when he is off the clock, he is known as Mr. Twister, wowing crowds of children and parents with his balloon twisting and sculpture abilities.

a4f5548ca1ad4efa86bf441238d82ba9And more often than not, both his worlds meld together.

“I’m on my lunch break right now,” he chuckled to the crowd of children and parents at the Centralia Timberland Library, happily enduring the 80 degree heat in his full business suit.

Steele has been Mr. Twister for three years, entertaining crowds at birthday parties, schools, and community events, such as Centralia Timberland Library’s Summer Reading Program and the Police Picnic. Although he graduated from Centralia College with a degree in business, his true passion lies in creating new designs that bring joy to others.

balloon art
Off the clock, Guy Steele is known as Mr. Twister when not working at Express Employment Services. Photo credit: Marissa Dykman.

“I get to create something new that has never been seen, and I get to give it away,” he explains enthusiastically. “That’s the best part. I get to share it. I don’t get to keep to myself.”

Full of infectious enthusiasm, Steele is adamant about valuing his clients.

“Guy is incredible in both talent and personality,” one review on the Mr. Twister Facebook page reads. “ He is gentle, kind and patient and he’s also spontaneous, which is fantastic because he has saved my bacon more than once when I needed a last minute ‘wow factor.’”

However, the joyful, happy-go-lucky Mr. Twister wasn’t always so sure of his calling. A native of Mossyrock, Steele described himself as a happy and adventurous child, but later dealt with insecurity and alcohol addiction. “After deciding to follow Jesus Christ, I became sober,” he says. Steele was determined to get his life back on track, working odd jobs before graduating from Centralia College, all while being a husband and father of two young children. Then one day, he found an old balloon pump at his aunt’s house, and his creativity was unleashed. Steele had discovered the thrill of balloon twisting and creating something new and never before seen to his audience.

balloon art
Guy Steele, aka “Mr.Twister” playfully knights a young boy as he hands him a balloon outside the Centralia Timberland Library in June. Photo credit: Marissa Dykman.

“There are a thousand ways to build a dog,” he explained. “It is completely unique and life changing.”

Although Steele continued balloon twisting mainly to impress his two children, Allisyn and Guy Jr., he was so intrigued by the art that he began searching online for tutorials to improve his craft.

“I didn’t know anything about them, I just knew I was going to give it a shot,” he said.

As Mr. Twister becomes more popular, Steele is incorporating his business skills to grow his presence in the community, mainly through online marketing. He is active on most major social media networks, particularly Facebook and YouTube, where he posts videos of his balloon workshops.

When asked if the buttoned-up nature of his full-time job clashed with his silly Mr. Twister persona, Steele insisted that the professional side of both jobs is the same.

balloon art
Guy Steele shows off a Mario balloon sculpture. Photo courtesy: Guy Steele.

“In balloon twisting, you’re dealing the public and people’s children. The people have to trust you,” he explained. “You’re going to their house. You have to live your life above suspicion.”

If anything, being a full-time business professional has only helped Steele become better at being Mr. Twister, because his skills and connections have helped bring in clients. However, Steele makes sure to point out his full-time job is secondary to being Mr. Twister.

Although he does shows in Olympia and in the future plans to go to Snohomish County, he focuses on staying rooted in Lewis County where he and his family have grown up.

“This is home to us,” he said. “We have no aspirations to go anywhere else.”

Mr.Twister can be reached via Facebook or at 360-880-1842 to set up an event. Check out his Pinterest board to see some of his favorite designs.

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