In the midst of everyday chaos, imagine being able to retreat to a place where you could fully reconnect with yourself, your loved ones and your creativity. Imagine being surrounded by gardens of vibrant wildflowers and English roses, bountiful fruits and vegetables, and breathtaking views of the mountains, rivers, and stars. Imagine resting your body in a jetted tub as you watch bald eagles from your window, or seeing the Milky Way in is full glory from your deck.

It may seem far off, but it’s right in Lewis County’s backyard, hidden within the foothills of the Cascade Mountains at the Adytum Resort and Sanctuary in Mossyrock, Washington.

Built in 2006 and opened in 2010, the bed and breakfast was the long-time dream of owners Katherine and Don Carroll. In ancient Greece, the adytum was the innermost sanctuary of the temple. True to its name, Adytum Sanctuary is a place of refuge for both humans and nature alike. As a certified bird sanctuary or “bird and breakfast” (as Katherine calls it), the land is home to record numbers of bald eagles and nesting osprey. Although the Carrolls were reluctant to buy the property on their first viewing, fate intervened on a later visit, as eight bald eagles circled over the couple’s head and they knew they had found paradise.

Kat Carroll
Adytum owner Katherine Carroll runs the resort and sanctuary with her husband, Don.
“I’m invested in people being their best,” she said.
Photo credit: Marissa Dykman

As a nutritional therapist and executive director of the National Health Federation, or NHF, Katherine’s original vision was to open a health retreat in addition to the bird sanctuary. However, as the business developed, she began to see that the true purpose of Adytum was reconnection, and so she developed Adytum’s official motto: “Reconnect with all that really matters in life in the exquisite beauty and peace that is…Adytum Sanctuary.”

A hidden oasis, the retreat and spa sits on a 16-acre property overlooking Mayfield Lake and the Cowlitz and Tilton Rivers just five minutes away. In the spring and summer, when the world famous wildflowers of Mount Rainier and DeGoede’s tulips are in bloom, you will have a prime spot from your private suite in the privacy of the resort.

Anyone staying at the retreat is in for a rejuvenating and transformative experience. As guests pull up to the inn, they will almost believe they’re in Europe as they admire the castle-like house with its stonework, large turrets and grand entryway. With more than 75 windows throughout, natural sunlight and stunning views pervade each of the three spacious suites. Based off a lock-off model, guests have their own private entrance and full amenities in their suites, including a stocked refrigerator with organic foods, gas fireplaces, Jacuzzi tubs, sauna, a private library, and a flat-screen TV with DirecTV and BluRay. Guests also delight in the museum quality of the resort, which features several pieces of work by impressionist Don Hatfield throughout the suites.

With such scenic views, Adytum is also perfect for small, intimate weddings. Couples can choose to be married outside overlooking the rivers from several different locations, or opt for a cozy celebration by the fireplace in the Carroll’s private residence. And if you’re looking for a honeymoon destination, Adytum is the ideal location.

Adytum Sanctuary and Resort
The European-style of Adytum’s archetecture resembles a castle, making it the perfect place for a romantic getaway or wedding.
Photo credit: Dr. Mark Mulrooney, NASA (courtesy Kat Carroll)

An all-inclusive resort, Katherine places a great emphasis on self-sustainability, both out of personal conviction, and because guests never seem to leave the resort for the duration of their stays once they’ve arrived.

“It’s a vortex. People don’t leave,” said Katherine

The property boasts bountiful gardens filled with organically grown figs, pears, plums, cherries, hard cider trees, kiwis, and various nuts and exotic berries, among many other things. In honor of Katherine’s sister, who was 60 when she passed away, there’s a memorial of 60 blueberry plants.

As the daughter of crop dusters and the associate editor of Health Freedom News through NHF, Katherine is adamant about living an organic lifestyle, both in the garden and in the home. Even if the property has the occasional patch of dandelions or molehills, Katherine takes pride in knowing that she is providing a healthy, chemical-free retreat for her guests.

“I’m invested in people being their best,” she said.

While the oasis is hidden away in the hills, and few locals know about it, guests come from all over the world to experience a getaway at Adytum. Through glowing reviews on AirBnB and promoting their business as they travel, the Carrolls have seen more than 3,000 guests since Adytum’s opening. Noticing the true transformation in her guests after they’ve checked out, Katherine’s dream of owning a health retreat has transcended into a spiritual retreat.

Orion Suite
The all-inclusive Orion suite is more than 1,250 square feet of luxury. Photo credit: Dr. Mark Mulrooney, NASA (courtesy Kat Carroll)

“These places take on a life of their own. They tell you what they need to be,” said Katherine.

However, between Katherine’s work as the executive director of the National Health Federation, and Don’s work as an optometrist, running Adytum by themselves is no small task. Adamant on keeping the same business model and expanding health services, they are open to linking up with the World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) and teaching interns herbology, vineyard keeping and orchard maintenance as they work for the retreat in return for free housing.

In the future, guests can expect the addition of reflexology pathways in the garden and a natural swimming hole built from the creek running through the property. Guests will hopefully be able to journey through a walking labyrinth reminiscent of the one at Chartres Cathedral in France, wandering through the lavender and rosemary as they reach their destination, both physically and spiritually.

But in the present, whether you’re seeking rest for your soul or relationship, it’s likely you’ll find exactly what you need at Adytum.

Adytum Resort and Sanctuary
186 Skyview Drive
Mossyrock, WA 98564

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