What did you, our readers, most love reading about in February? As always, you liked a bit of everything, including local history, food, and inspiring stories about your friends and neighbors in the Lewis County community.

Read on to find out more about your top stories!

1. The Borst Blockhouse: Centralia’s Matchless Treasure

The Borst Blockhouse in 2017. Photo credit: Sara Light-Waller

The old wooden Borst Blockhouse stands, sentinel, near the entryway of Fort Borst Park. Its dark-brown logs blend seamlessly into the background, making it hard to spot as you drive by, but this historic site is a treasure to locals and important in the area’s history. Do you know why?

2. Lisa’s Diner Provides Southern Food and Hospitality to Onalaska

It’s easy to spot Lisa’s Diner while driving along Carlisle Avenue. Photo credit: Greg Carlson

As any food connoisseur or road-tripping traveler can attest, several factors contribute to a great diner experience: friendly employees and clientele, representation of the region’s history, unique decor and menu items that go beyond the standard breakfast/lunch/dinner fare. Lisa’s Diner, located in Onalaska, has all of that, plus a mouth-watering added bonus: authentic Southern dishes. Learn why you should make a trip to Onalaska for this restaurant.

3. Windermere Centralia Helps an Injured Worker Start a New Career

Max Vogt of Windermere Centralia and Della Stoddard share in her success at Windermere. Photo courtesy: Windermere Centralia

Della Stoddard was an injured worker on L&I for almost five years when she decided she was done not being allowed to work. After meeting with a lawyer and a vocational counselor, Della decided on a career in real estate, but had a long road ahead of her to get not only her real estate license, but her high school diploma. But with hard work and an internship at Windermere Centralia, Della found a new career, and Windermere found a stellar employee.

4. Editor’s Choice: Cispus Learning Center Reconnects Kids to Nature

Kids disconnect from electronics and discover old-fashioned fun. Photo courtesy: Cispus Learning Center

Deep in the tall forests of eastern Lewis County, there is a camp where boys and girls of all ages reconnect with nature. They run, they play, they build trails, they touch the moss, they disconnect from electronics. The camp is the Cispus Learning Center and this is the story of how the camp began and the differences it’s made in its community.

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