LewisTalk had a fabulous 2016 and we’re looking forward to the coming year. To start 2017 off, let’s take a look back at what made 2016 so special, including what our readers most loved to read, how much we’ve grown, and more about how and why our community social network continues to grow.

Here are the 5 Stories that our Community Loved Most in 2016

Who are the Chicks Behind the Country Chicks? Readers wanted to know and this fabulous story helped them learn more about these successful business women.

LewisTalk loves to cover local businesses and business owners, and our community loves to learn more about the people who live and work in the community. Benny Sandrini is owner of Benny Sandrini Construction, which was one of our most popular stories from 2016.

With an indoor and outdoor range, Lucky Shot Archery is a popular local spot, but it’s also known nationwide.

What’s not to love about a local farm that now supplies potatoes to top restaurants in Seattle? Newaukum Valley Farm does just that.

In addition to our own stories, we also publish some press releases from the community in our LocalTalk section, like this one that readers loved about the upcoming Centralia Station.

I’m a big fan of exploring my own city, and learning about who does what around my own neighborhood. You’ve helped me do so from the comforts of my couch. – Tanya De

Readers Land on LewisTalk.com Using These Top 5 Search Terms

Search terms are words people type into search engines. The terms people type in and end up on LewisTalk help show what people most want to find on our pages, namely things to do, places to go and positive happenings in the communities of Lewis County.

  • Lewis County Pumpkin Patches
  • Flood Valley Homebrew Centralia
  • Centralia Job Fair
  • Lucky Shot Archery
  • Centralia Tractor Parade
LewisTalk Demographics
LewisTalk draws readers from many age groups, but had a bit of a lead with women readers vs. men in 2016.

Our paid, professional writing team includes 19 regular contributors. Here are a few of their favorite stories from 2016.

Getting a chance to share stories about the three Sandrini sisters on Adna’s fastpitch team was special. Jessika and Jordan were coaches, lured by the small town closeness and the chance to coach their sister. Josey Sandrini was their starting first baseman. – Gail Wood

Jessica McKay is the epitome of the team-first mentality. She was one of the state’s best high school fastpitch players, heading to Boise State on a full-ride, and had her senior year taken away due to an injury suffered in basketball. When they played Tumwater and trailed late, it was Jessica who provided the inspirational speech that led the Bearcats to a victory. – Grant Clark

My pick is Growing up with the Nutcracker Ballet. There is something thrilling about starting on a new adventure and I think this article will always have a special place in my heart for being my first published article. – Jessica Reeves-Rush

I decided on the story about Bobbie Moran, who knits hats for the homeless, because it’s a good lesson on how anyone can use what talents were giving to them to make a difference. So many of us never do anything because we always think “it’s just me.” This story proves not only how one person can make a difference, but how one person can grow into many helping others. – Kristina Lotz

Enjoy reading about the different things that are in and around our area. Highly recommend following this page for the local information. – Mike Countryman

Our editing team reads a lot of stories. Here are a few of our favorites from 2016. 

I learned about new businesses, amazing individuals doing great things in our communities and just this morning I read a great article about George Washington and learned a few more tidbits I didn’t know. – Dawn Lawson Merchant

People connect with LewisTalk through social media. In 2016, our Facebook followers grew by 119% percent. Over the past year, 26,100 people reacted to our content.

Across Western Washington, our distribution network approaches 100,000 people that choose to hear from us on a daily basis. Besides LewisTalk, you can find our sister sites at ThurstonTalk, WhatcomTalk, GraysHarborTalk, and SouthSoundTalk.

As our local newspaper changed, it’s been harder, I think, to find the local flavor and learn what’s going on. LewisTalk is a lovely way to stay connected and experience new adventures in the community! – Katey S.

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