For 31 years and counting, Rick Bayne has owned and operated Northwest Carpet Cleaning. Through a lot of hard work, self-starting, and building relationships with customers, he is the man customers call when it is time for clean carpet.

Rick grew up in Chehalis and is a graduate of W.F. West High School. He shares that he went to Clover Park Technical College for two years, focusing on auto mechanics. Rick shares, “Even though that’s not what I’m doing the training has paid off in the long run.”

Rick’s roots in Lewis County are something that makes his business special. He says, “I’ve been here my whole life. I like it here. It is a good place to live.” Along with his community roots, Rick enjoys building relationships and trust with his customer base.

“I always say that how we treat our customers is more important than the actual cleaning. We are going to do a good job, but we want you to trust us,” Rick explains.

And one of the benefits to hiring Northwest Carpet Cleaning is that they are willing to be flexible with their schedule to accommodate customers as much as they can.

When Northwest Carpet Cleaning comes to the rescue, the technicians spend time with a pre-inspection walkthrough. Rick explains that this is one of the most important parts of their job because this is where they build relationships and trust with their customers.

As Rick shares, carpet cleaning is a science. “You have to understand chemistry and pH and you have to understand what chemicals do and why. You need to know the differences in fabrics and be able to evaluate the problem spots.” Because of this, Rick strives to keep all employees up to date with regard to training and the equipment they use. He says, “Every couple of years we go through training to make sure we are up to date.”

northwest carpet cleaning
Northwest Carpet Cleaning is locally owned by Rick Bayne. Photo courtesy: Northwest Carpet Cleaning.

There are so many factors that go into a professional carpet cleaning job that sometimes trying to fix the problem yourself can in fact make the problem worse. “You can’t treat a coffee spill like spilled spaghetti,” Rick explains. “It might feel more expensive, but you’ll only have to pay for it once. And it will be done right.” That alone makes it worth it to call a professional.

The knowledge, training, and commitment to doing the job right feeds Rick’s business philosophy for Northwest Carpet Cleaning, making customers feel comfortable. Rick explains, “I try to run my business so that we do the best we can for each customer. And we make an effort to make it as easy as possible for our customers.”

One of the perks when you hire Northwest Carpet Cleaning is that you don’t have to worry about moving too much of your furniture. Rick explains, “We only ask you to move small things and we can move couches and chairs to help.”

From beginning to end, Northwest Carpet Cleaning aims to serve customers to keep them happy so they return when it is time for another cleaning. “When we come in, we take care of just about everything including vacuuming, cleaning, and moving furniture.”

northwest carpet cleaning
Professionally trained technicians aim to do the job right and provide excellent customer service. Photo courtesy: Northwest Carpet Cleaning.

Does your house have any allergy sufferers? Rick explains that a well-maintained carpet is better for allergy sufferers when compared to hardwood floors. “Think of carpeting as a giant filter for your home. The carpet traps pollen and dust, hard floors don’t do that,” Rick explains. Along with regular vacuuming and a professional cleaning, your carpet can be your friend during allergy season and not your enemy.

Rick shares that often carpets don’t get professionally cleaned as often as they should be and as a result the carpet can dull over time.

Rick says, “A lot of times customers get quite surprised when they see it done. They didn’t think it would be that dirty.” Rick explains that’s why most carpet manufacturers recommend a cleaning once every 12 – 24 months.

Northwest Carpet Cleaning offers a full range of cleaning services including boats and RVs, upholstery, carpet, tile and grout, and leather. And for those with pet problems, Northwest Carpet Cleaning can also help with odor control and spot removal.

Visit Northwest Carpet Cleaning online or call 360-748-9327.


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