Celebrating 100 years of Egg Days

A visit to the iconic World’s Largest Egg is a must do when in Winlock. The Renegade Rooster offers a unique history of the city and downtown has fun shops and restaurants. Photo credit: Brandon Patching.
06/18/2021 – 06/19/2021 all-day

On August 13, 1921 a road between Winlock and Cowlitz Corner was completed. There was a big celebration commemorating the event, and since Winlock was becoming quite a famous poultry center, they decided to call the celebration “Winlock Poultry and Egg Day.” There were about 1,000 people present at the celebration. Otis Roundtree was the General Chairman for the event. After the celebration, it was decided to make this an annual event, which was done.

(A History of Winlock, Washington, written by C. C. Wall, 1952)

Celebrate the 100th year of Egg Days on Friday, June 18 and Saturday, June 19 with a parade, vendors, entertainment, talent show, Egg Day royal coronation, car show, egg salad sandwiches and more.

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