Lewis County Axe Throwing: It’s a Family Affair for the Morans of Chehalis

Lewis County Axe Throwing
Jason with (from left) Summer, Skye, Briah Conners and Sierra. Photo courtesy: Lewis County Axe Throwing

The Moran family of Chehalis sent their middle daughter on a trip to California with her grandparents, and the end result led them to take up axe throwing. That might take some explaining; just know it’s wrapped up in fun and a new family business called Lewis County Axe Throwing.

Morton Hospital

The Moran Family Moves to Lewis County

The Moran family lived in the California Bay Area until parents Jason and Danielle decided to leave the congested, overpopulated community behind in search of a calmer, slower life somewhere in a country setting. They found that in Lewis County.

Lewis County Axe Throwing
Jason and Danielle Moran are partners in life and in business. Photo courtesy: Lewis County Axe Throwing

“We love Lewis County,” says Danielle Moran, adding that it seemed like she should have been here all along after moving here. “Yes, this is where I was supposed to be.”

Jason Moran said the move enabled them to slow down their lifestyle while they finish raising their children, Skye, 19; Sierra, 17; and Summer, 10.

Sierra Moran Inspires Family Fun and a New Business Venture

Lewis County Axe Throwing
Summer and Sierra Moran show how it’s done. Photo courtesy: Lewis County Axe Throwing

It was Sierra on the trip with her grandparents, during which they went to a family friend’s new restaurant, “Amador Axes and Eats,” giving Sierra her first experience at axe throwing. On her return home, she told about her experience trying to get the axe to stick in the backboard. The next thing they knew, Jason was building a backboard for the backyard and purchasing an inexpensive axe for them all to throw. 

“It started out to be just a fun activity for the family,” Jason explains. Then he got the idea. What if they started a mobile axe-throwing business? Posing the question to Danielle, she responded, “Is that a thing?” A quick search online told her that, yes, that’s a thing. From there, “Lewis County Axe Throwing” was born.

This variety of axe throwing is more technical than someone just throwing an axe at a paper bullseye hung on a wooden background. Rather, the Morans invested in a video system to project the bullseyes and gameboards onto the backboard. The system automatically detects and scores the throws. The game options include the traditional bullseyes, but there are a variety of others to choose from, including duck hunt, tic tac toe, Merry Axemas, Zombie Hunter and more. They also invested in an enclosed 20-foot trailer, currently being built by CCFAB in Centralia, to house the throwing activity. 

Jason is an electrician currently working in the Tacoma area. Danielle recently took on a Behavior Health Specialist & Parent Educator position with Behavioral Health Resources in Olympia. Before that, she was a Family Resources Coordinator for Lewis County, working in early intervention for birth to 3-year-olds.

“That’s why I will make sure there are activities for young children, too,” she says with a grin. Parents can throw, but the kids won’t be bored.” The Morans have a giant inflatable axe-throwing feature for kids, and local woodworker John Cravens is making custom cornhole boards.

Mobile Axe Throwing in Lewis County

Lewis County Axe Throwing
Summer Moran demonstrates the inflatable setup. Photo courtesy: Lewis County Axe Throwing

The idea of the business is twofold. Lewis County Axe Throwing will come to your gathering to provide the entertainment for $150 per hour with a three-hour minimum. Anything over three hours is an additional $100 per hour. The second avenue for community members to give axe throwing a try is at community events. The Morans want to participate in all Lewis County parades and festivals. When they’re at community events, a walk-up throw will cost $1 per throw. 

“Not everyone can afford $450, Danielle acknowledges, adding that pretty much everyone can do a walk-up throw for $1. Plus, she explained that if ten people get together for a barbeque, they can go in on the cost together. “And now your barbeque has gotten way cooler,” she grins.

As an added bonus for the first four months, the extra charge for cornhole and the inflatable setup will be waived through August 31, 2024.

As for the axe throwing, Sierra said it took a while for her and her sisters to get the hang of it, saying there’s not much precision in her throws, but it’s getting better. Younger sister, Summer, quipped in deadpan humor, “Yeah, we can hit the board now.”

The mobile business will be able to accommodate all physical abilities and impairments, including those who use wheelchairs, vision or hearing impaired, neurodiverse people, and really anything. While the trailer does not meet all ADA requirements, there will be a large ramp where Jason can push wheelchairs up. They will also have different-weighted axes for different strengths. “If you want to throw, you can throw,” Jason says.

Jason has built two different types of backboards onto which the target or gameboard is projected: a plank variety and an end-grain board, which are the easier of the two. Both will be available.

Roze Marketing & Event Management

Lewis County Axe Throwing
The Moran sisters show off the company logo. Photo courtesy: Lewis County Axe Throwing

This endeavor also lends itself to a business venture for Skye and her friend Briah Conners, 18. The two have started Roze Marketing & Event Management, with Lewis County Axe Throwing as their first client. “We think it’s a great opportunity for them to learn skills and to be starting their own business,” Danielle explains.

Skye shared that they are planning and promoting a big event for the axe throwing’s kickoff next month on Saturday, April 6, at Milltown Smokehouse in Morton from 1-4 p.m. This will allow community members to try axe throwing at the $1 walk-up price.

The Morans also plan to attend the Morton Loggers’ Jubilee, Toledo Cheese Days, Winlock Egg Days, Onalaska Apple Festival and the Mossyrock Blueberry Festival.

The business is currently on Facebook and Instagram as “Lewis County Axe Throwing” and will soon have a website. They can also be reached at lewiscountyaxethrowing@gmail.com.

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