For patients at Rainier Eye in Chehalis, the patient-centered care starts before they even walk in the door of the inviting and cozy clinic that recently opened on Market Boulevard. With a user-friendly website, it’s easy to book an appointment, learn more about the caring doctors Mary Ferris and Angela Loeb and view the extensive eyewear collection.

Rainier Eye Chehalis
“Many of our staff members live here, including some we worked with before,” says Ferris. “So, it’s been nice that they have roots in the area and are getting to know the community more.” Photo credit: Krysta Carper

Rainier Eye is Locally Owned and Operated

Having worked together before, Dr. Mary Ferris and Dr. Angela Loeb knew that when that eye care clinic was sold to a large corporation, they wanted to return to private practice and decided to open their own business.

“You see families grow over time, and it brings us more satisfaction to have that relationship you develop with your patients rather than just people being a number and trying to go as fast as you can,” says Ferris.

Beyond being a private practice as a family-owned business, Rainier Eye offers more options, including lines made in America and independently produced products. “You can find something a little more unique and not like what everyone has,” says Loeb. “Several lines are handmade so you can feel the quality, they’ll stay in alignment longer, and the glasses will hold up over time.”

With warranties included on all their eyewear, Rainier Eye also offers a quicker order time by using a lab in Tacoma compared to many clinics where patients must wait for items shipped from overseas or across the country. Contacts can be ordered easily online through Rainier Eye, and prices are competitive and often even more affordable than other online retailers.

Rainier Eye Chehalis
Rainier Eye is locally owned and operated, allowing the friendly and warm Drs. Ferris and Loeb to practice patient-centered eye care by putting patients before profits and treating everyone with dignity and respect. Photo credit: Krysta Carper

Rainier Eye Meets the Needs of Lewis County Residents

With the growing community of Chehalis and Lewis County overall, Drs. Ferris and Loeb felt the thriving area perfectly fit their practice. “We’re loving it here. It was a very warm welcome from the community,” says Ferris. “We knew there was an unmet need in this area,” adds Loeb. “The existing doctors are booked to capacity, so it’s sometimes several months before you can get an appointment, and many are of retirement age.”

With new state-of-the-art equipment and technology, it’s easier for patients to get treatment for eye diseases and for the doctors to monitor for problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.

“A lot of people are like, oh, I see fine and don’t need to go to the eye doctor, but that’s just a small portion of what we do,” says Loeb. “We’re checking the health of your eyes and looking for diseases you may not see coming that have lasting effects.”

For those who are low vision, Rainier Eye includes a rehab room for when glasses aren’t enough to get functional vision. Featuring magnifiers, telescopes and electronic devices that will take something from regular size and blow it up, you won’t find these things on every eye doctor’s shelf or in a chain store, but they make a big difference for some people’s quality of life.

Rainier Eye also fits specialty contact lenses for people who may not see well with glasses or soft contacts. “It does take more time,” says Ferris. “It’s like a custom suit compared to one size fits all off the shelf. But it’s really gratifying when you can provide better vision and change lives.

Patient-Centered Care for All Ages at Rainier Eye

With thoughtfully designed exam rooms, Rainier Eye is accessible for all ages from birth to over 100 years old. There’s a large exam room with bench seating, particularly for parents with several kids. The restroom was expanded to ensure space for wheelchairs and included a changing table.

“We designed this space around the human element, so it’s comfortable for people,” shares Loeb.

Beyond just lowering the countertop heights, much of the clinic’s equipment is portable and more comfortable for patients using wheelchairs, so they don’t have to transfer. Even an exam chair on a platform slides back so you can just park your wheelchair and have a stress-free eye exam.

Rainier Eye Chehalis
“The community is super supportive of small businesses more than other places,” Loeb shares. “That’s been great. They value locally-owned businesses. and seeing that the money goes back into the community instead of chain stores.” Photo credit: Krysta Carper

Rainier Eye Offers Myopia Care for Kids

For children that are nearsighted with their eyesight getting worse each year, there are methods of slowing that progression. It’s called myopia control, and Rainier Eye’s doctors bring over 20 years of experience in this specialty to the community. Instead of just prescribing stronger glasses, the optometrists can help with the use of specific contact lenses.

“We want to help more kids with that as it creates a better life for them because they’ll end up being less nearsighted than they would have been if they had not done it,” says Loeb. “We’re not going to make their nearsightedness go away, but we can make it so that they’re less nearsighted as adults.”

The benefits include a reduced risk for other eye diseases, not to mention myopia control can improve a kid’s quality of life to not have thick, heavy glasses or be dangerously dependent on glasses.

Rainier Eye Chehalis
Newly opened in Chehalis, Rainier Eye’s mission is to improve a patient’s quality of life by providing optimal vision through custom eyewear, contact lenses and comprehensive medical eye care. Photo credit: Krysta Carper

Convenient Urgent Care and Surgical Management at Rainier Eye

Another part of the patient-centered practice at Rainier Eye is the availability of urgent care.

“If someone calls in with metal or something stuck in their eye, scratched their eye or has an infection, we’ve designed our schedule to fit you in instead of saying we have a spot in three weeks,” says Ferris. “We understand that necessity. You flex and accommodate when someone’s in pain.”

When patients are noticed as candidates for cataract surgery, typically, there are several pre-operative and follow-up visits. Rainier Eye is here to help in that situation, also. Both optometrists have worked and studied in surgical centers.

“We do those kinds of visits here, so you don’t have to travel farther out or wait a long time to see the surgeons so that it can be easier for people. We have that extra time to spend with the patient to help them decide and know what to expect,” says Loeb. “It helps them be a little less anxious going into it because they feel more prepared.”

Rainier Eye Chehalis
Rainier Eye in Chehalis is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Photo credit: Krysta Carper

What Makes Rainier Eye Different?

Both doctors agree their caring staff stands out at Rainier Eye. “Our staff is motivated to give patients a really positive experience,” says Ferris. “Everyone I talked to said it just feels like a positive place to be. Our staff is a big part of that, and we’re just super excited to be here in this fresh new space.”

“You don’t need to have your exam here. We take outside prescriptions so anyone can come to buy new glasses,” adds Loeb. “Everyone’s welcome to check it out and see how different we are.”

Rainier Eye
145 S. Market Blvd.

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