Making Your Dream Home is Possible With PrimeLending

Have you been dreaming of adding a shop or garage to your property? PrimeLending would like to help you add square footage or make other improvements to your home. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

You like your house, but…Have you found yourself wishing you could add a shop or a second bathroom? Are you ready to update your kitchen? A loan from PrimeLending gives you the money to complete your project. Maybe you are concerned about your aging roof or the worn-out flooring. No problem. Branch Manager Becky Carver has been in the mortgage lending industry since 2001. She maintains a clear focus to help first-time homebuyers or existing homeowners to rehab their property into exactly what they want. You’ll build equity with a little help from PrimeLending.

Becky Carver, Branch Manager at PrimeLending, loves working with people and helping them secure funds to rehab their homes. She wants to meet you. Photo courtesy: Becky Carver

Don’t quit reading because you have no equity in your home. You can also quit fretting about that fixer-upper property you are wanting to purchase. A PrimeLending refinance rehabilitation loan takes your whole scenario into consideration to find an inclusive loan for you. Let’s say your current home needs more than a roof. There may be other issues to deal with such as getting electrical up to code. Your kitchen might be long past an update. The cost of kitchen remodels adds up quickly with cabinets, appliances, and flooring. “Improvements that increase the value of your home is what can be financed,” says Becky. It’s no surprise that updated kitchens are sure to please a prospective buyer when the time comes for you to sell. However, you get to enjoy it in the meantime.

“Adding square footage is great,” suggests Becky. It might be time to add a bathroom. When considering your home improvements, be sure to take the time to consider everything. Maybe you have always wanted a shop or garage. Maybe you can add square footage in another area, such as a sunroom or extra bedroom.

To secure a loan for this kind of project, you are required to get bids from a contractor. Then your house and property are appraised as if the renovations are complete. The loan covers everything. Then you have one payment that includes the original house plus the improvements.

You can get ideas for impressive home improvements on the reality show “Love It or List It” on HGTV. Homeowners are escorted on a dual adventure. With an agent, they shop for another property that fulfills their wish list. Simultaneously, their current home is undergoing major renovations and upgrades. When their current home’s changes are revealed, the people are usually overwhelmed and amazed. The show draws to a conclusion by showing the homeowners the new value of their current home. The increased value exceeds the renovation budget, which always brings a smile. Sometimes, people choose to list their house and move. It seems that more often people are so thrilled with their old-new home, they choose to stay. It’s because they really liked their home and its location, but parts of it weren’t working. The renovations change everything.

An extra bathroom might be part of your home renovation plans. PrimeLending has financing options for many homeowners. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Becky believes you can have an equally great experience. She wants to understand your house dreams and get to know you. PrimeLending has streamlined the loan process so that you will end up with one loan and one payment. Closing can be handled digitally. Prime Lending will then handle the distribution of contractor funds as the process meets its milestones. Becky and her team will be with you every step of the way.

Customer service sets PrimeLending apart. “I’m from the small town of Adna, Washington,” says Becky. She knows the importance of building relationships. She raised her two sons as a single mom and knows what it means to work hard.

Whether you are considering major improvements to your home or just want to add a shop, it is an excellent idea to make an appointment with Becky. She can set you on a path to collect all the necessary pieces to your personal puzzle. To get you going, you can start by writing down the repairs and/or renovations that you want to see completed. A new roof and flooring are two common, big-ticket items, but think beyond that. “All improvements need to be fixed and permanent,” reminds Becky. That means if you moved, you couldn’t take it with you. But, of course, that is what is adding value to your home. You get to enjoy it now. PrimeLending will arrange a single loan that is right for you. Learn more about PrimeLending here.

On the first Tuesday of every month, PrimeLending offers free “Home Buying 101” classes. Click here to learn about upcoming class dates and locations.

PrimeLending has handy locations in Lacey and Chehalis.

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