You’d know her voice as soon as you heard it. Samantha Styger’s upbeat, friendly voice is the one that you hear on the radio talking about how the business formerly known as Twin Cities LINE-X is now called Nomad Truck & SUV Outfitters. That energy and excitement about the growing business carries into real life as she talks about the history of the company, the changes, and the joy in partnering with the Chehalis Foundation to give back to the community that has allowed their business to thrive.

Nomad Truck & SUV Outfitters
The owner of this Gladiator can live off-road and off-grid for a long time thanks to the work done by Nomad Truck and SUV Outfitters. Photo credit: Nancy Keaton

Beginning in 2001, Twin Cities LINE-X & Northwest Urethane was a distributor and franchise for LINE-X bedliners, owned by her fiancé, “Spike” Magnuson. “We just did spray-on liners for pickups, trailers, cargo units, and sometimes piece work for other companies in town,” says Styger. Then they noticed that over time they were seeing customers going out and buying a lot of other upfitting products after completing their liners. “We were missing out on that because we were just that first little piece of the pie, and then they would go somewhere else to buy things like their lift kits, wheels, tires, racking, canopies, and window tints,” explains Styger.

So over time, they’ve added different elements to their business, starting with basic accessories such as Tonneau covers and step bars, and then grew into lift kits, wheels and tires. They have installed state-of-the-art tire equipment such as a computerized alignment rack so they can do work on all vehicles, whether modified by them or simply anyone needing an alignment.

Then last year, after listening to many customers coming in and sounding surprised that they offer so many added elements beyond just bedliners, they decided to rebrand to Nomad Truck & SUV Outfitters. Styger reassures us, though that, “LINE-X is still a fantastic product that we will continue providing. It is just one of the many great products we provide to our customers.”

Nomad Truck & SUV Outfitters uses the catchphrase #findyourroad because they will help you find whatever you need for your vehicle. “If you just need a window tint, we have you covered, or if you want to build an entire overlanding vehicle and go do the national parks for two months, we can help you do that, too,” explains Styger.

Nomad Truck & SUV Outfitters
Nomad Truck and SUV Outfitters can build out any vehicle, such as their own Subaru, to work for daily use as well as weekend adventure. Photo courtesy: Nomad Truck and SUV Outfitters

Styger gets excited when talking about all the possibilities now. “We’re able to really broaden our horizons and do everything from all the little things like window tinting to major work like building the Gladiator you often see out front that someone can take off in and live completely off the grid because it has water, propane tanks for cooking, a stove, a sink, a tent, all the cargo equipment, and recovery equipment. You can go camping for extended periods of time in what we put together in the Gladiator.”

There are still more plans for Nomad Truck & SUV Outfitters to grow and add to its inventory and services, such as offering overlanding trailers. Unfortunately, as with many things right now, the supply chain is very backed up, and they may not be able to access trailer inventory for several months.

In the meantime, there are plans to erect a big tent in their field that will be an indoor/outdoor showroom and add another building in the back to expand the “overlanding” side. “Overlanding is the idea that you can put a tent on anything, from as little as a Subaru to the Gladiator to a pickup, and you can go out camping,” Styger explains. “It’s so simple and affordable. People can take their daily car and still use it on the weekends for getting out and going camping.” Another advantage is that a vehicle with a tent can be taken to places you can’t get into with a truck and trailer or RV.

Nomad Truck & SUV Outfitters became involved with the Chehalis Foundation through the other business venture that they own, Lewis County Coffee Company. “We were introduced to Jenny Collins, the Executive Director of the Chehalis Foundation, by our marketing agency. We honestly didn’t know how much the Foundation does for the Chehalis School District and the community. Once we realized it, we knew we wanted to be a part of it.” So, when they agreed to partner with the Foundation through the coffee company, it was natural also to include Nomad.

Nomad Truck & SUV Outfitters
Nomad Truck and SUV Outfitters Crew: Chase Dickinson, Erick Hinchcliff, Jeff Caswell, Trevor Moon, Wes Leverett, Rob Hinojosa, Samantha Styger. Photo credit: Nancy Keaton

“The Chehalis Foundation is proud to partner with Nomad Truck & SUV Outfitters,” says Jenny Collins. “They embody the qualities we look for in a community partnership by creating a culture of investing in Lewis County and giving back to make this a better place to work and live.”

Styger says that they like to showcase their products as a way to give. For instance, they have provided a large cooler filled with items like beer or wine coolers or s’mores ingredients for raffle prizes. “It makes us happy to be able to give and to help add to an event and make it better in any way we can. It’s such a tremendous community, and we really love it,” smiles Styger.

Nomad Truck & SUV Outfitters
2635 NE Kresky Ave.


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