Vannie Fargeress is graduating from Napavine High School, where she has been involved in volleyball, basketball, and track and field every year since her freshman year.L&E Bottling

She has been on the honor society in her 10th, 11th and 12th grades. Her freshman and sophomore year, she served as a student representative on ASB. Her junior year, she was the ASB Sergeant at Arms. This year Vannie is Vice President of ASB.

Napavine Vannie FargeressShe has attended Napavine School District since kindergarten. Her favorite teacher is Mr. Fay, who teaches history and coaches basketball. “Mr. Fay has been very supportive and a great role model,” says Vannie. The only thing she would change is “for the students to have more school spirit.”  One of the many things that she loves about Napavine is most of the people she is graduating with have known her whole life. “It has been really fun and interesting to watch everyone grow up into adults,” Vannie says.

Vannie’s advice to underclassmen would be to “take absolutely nothing for granted, and become a part of something, whether it be a club, a sport, member of the band, ASB, ANYTHING! You are only in high school once, and you should make the best of your time here.”

Her plan after high school is to attend Central Washington University, where she will obtain a bachelor’s degree in biology. She then plans to continue her education and get her master’s degree in occupational therapy.

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