Navigating the journey of purchasing or selling a home can be daunting yet Windermere Centralia’s newest Real Estate Broker Lisa Conzatti loves to be alongside Lewis County community members during that time. As a fifth-generation Lewis County resident, her roots are firmly planted here and she knows the ins and outs of the area to help home buyers and sellers.

Windermere Centralia
Windermere Real Estate Broker Lisa Conzatti would love to help Lewis County residents find their next home. Photo courtesy: Windermere Centralia

With a shy personality as a child, she credits winning the Little Miss Friendly contest in 1978 for bringing her out of her shell. That led to a year of parades, speeches and public appearances prompting her more extroverted personality to be born, which is very important as a real estate broker. That pivotal time in her younger years opened the door to living her life interacting with people and finding joy in public service. She recommends all girls ages 8 to 10 in Lewis County to apply for the positive life-changing experience to be the living logo of the Southwest Washington Fair.

Lisa holds a sincere passion for helping people in the community. Working in her family-owned business with her parents for over forty years, she also worked as a health educator with Lewis County Public Health. There, she was able to get out into the community and meet people, making it one of her favorite jobs.

Real estate allows that to happen for her now. With each family’s journey to buy or sell a house, Lisa gets to walk that path with them during the transition and changes. She loves the outreach ability she can maintain while working with Windermere Real Estate.

In her first year working in real estate, Lisa’s realized this is the career she desires to pursue until she retires. Allowing for work to be done without being tied to strict office hours is a great perk of the job, as well as setting her own hours. To be in a career where she can thrive, be fulfilled and serving people is something she is thankful for.

Windermere Centralia
The Windermere Mansion is the Centralia Office of Windermere Real Estate Brokers. Photo courtesy: Windermere Centralia

“Lisa Conzatti is one of the smartest people I know,” says Max Vogt, Windermere Centralia Owner. “Her technological ability serves her well in real estate and her wide range of experience in public service adds to her abilities by understanding the complicated process of purchasing or selling a home. Her unique experience helps her help clients with the ins and outs of the contracts and the process of property ownership and bureaucracy. She’s already an impressive professional.”

Lewis County and surrounding areas offer different people, personalities, houses and history to the scene of real estate. One of Lisa’s favorite parts of real estate is interacting with the history of the area. A house in Aberdeen strikes her memory due to its unique story. Built in the 1900s, it once belonged to a whaling boat captain. At low tide on the property, whale bones are exposed bringing glimpses of history and the house’s past life alive again for brief moments. It’s those houses in the area holding memories of the people who lived in them that excites Lisa.

After graduating from Toledo High School, Lisa went on to college to become an engineer based on her love of math and science. She holds an Associate of Science from Centralia College, Bachelor of Arts from Washington State University and Master of Science from Western Governors University.

Those degrees allow her to offer her knowledge to school-aged children of the Lewis County area. As an emergency substitute teacher based on her available hours, Lisa shares her passion with students from 13 area school districts. It’s also another way for her to connect yet again with the community.

Windermere Centralia
Lisa Conzatti presents a check to Pe Ell school’s principal Mr. Pontius and Mrs. Magruder, school counselor.
Photo courtesy: Windermere Centralia

With her varied interests and experiences, Lisa’s new chapter in real estate is just beginning but that’s not all she has planned. A big dreamer with intriguing goals, Lisa desires to create a safe environment that will allow for the care of extended family members as an adult family home. Her dream vacation would be to go to Ireland and Scotland where she could seek out and explore her family history and ancestors.

Let Lisa help you reach your real estate dreams today. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, buying a dream home, selling, investing in real estate, relocating to the area or downsizing, she’s committed to helping you achieve your real estate goals by providing outstanding service.

Windermere Centralia
411 W. Main St.

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