Chad and Coralee Taylor, owners of The Silver Agency in Chehalis, speak regularly on marketing and advertising strategies at national conventions across the United States.

Their client base includes the United States Armed Forces and businesses all over western Washington, but their passion is to help businesses right here in Lewis County.

“The majority of our business is right here in our hometown,” Chad says. “We grew up here. We’ve been here forever and love this community.”

silver agency chehalis
Coralee and Chad Taylor are passionate about helping local businesses reach their marketing goals. Photo courtesy: Coralee Taylor.

“A lot of clients, when they come to us, haven’t put together marketing plans or strategies on how to attract new business and that’s what we help them do,” he continues. “We put together business plans and marketing buys that are customized for their industry. Our greatest success is when we can help our clients not have to worry about marketing and advertising because they know that it’s being handled and is growing their business.”

“Our biggest satisfaction is to help our clients increase their business,” Coralee adds. “We help our clients’ businesses grow and help them make more money: that’s what we do.”

“Our business model is built on a code of ethics,” Coralee says. “Our agency only represents one business per industry.”

silver agency chehalis
The Silver Agency is based in Chehalis and is owned by Chad and Coralee Taylor. Photo courtesy: The Silver Agency.

“For example, because the I-5 Auto Group is one of our clients, we won’t work with any businesses that would compete with them,” Coralee says. “We put all of our effort into making them the most successful automotive group that we can.”

“We do that for everybody,” Chad says. “As another example, because we work with Washington Orthopaedic Center, we won’t go out and get another orthopaedic client.”

Understanding Search Engines

One of the ways the Taylors work to promote businesses is through comprehensive search-engine-optimization (SEO) strategies.

“One of the most important things for a business is to be found and seen online,” Chad says.

Most customers find businesses by doing a simple Google search, he explains. He notes that it’s important that your business come up high — preferably number one — in the search rankings when customers search for the product or service you provide.

silver agency chehalis
Chad and Coralee Taylor built their business model by only representing one business per industry. Photo courtesy: Coralee Taylor.

“We do a lot of homework on how to elevate search results on Google,” Chad says, adding that The Silver Agency is a Google-certified ad agency.

“There are specific strategies to increase your visibility in search rankings,” he says. “In Google’s eyes, one of the most important thing you can have on your website is good, relevant content. The more content you have on your website that’s relevant and that people want to read, the higher Google places you in the search rankings.”

“But, another extremely important tool is to have content created about your business, linked back to your website,” he says. “To increase your search visibility, it’s key is to get synergy between your website and a platform that links to specific websites with relevant content that people want to read.”

“Google’s algorithms see if your website is one of the ones linked to, and it rewards you,” he says.

The LewisTalk Platform

Because of the importance of online visibility in today’s business world, Chad and Coralee are currently signing up their clients with the LewisTalk platform.

“LewisTalk is such an important company for the community,” Coralee says.

silver agency chehalis
Pictured here with their kids, Amber and Franklin, Chad and Coralee Taylor love to call Lewis County home. Photo courtesy: Coralee Taylor.

LewisTalk began operations in October 2015. Paid, professional writers craft positive stories about people, businesses and organizations doing good things in Lewis County. The team all lives, works, and plays in here. Businesses strategically brand their products and services to the community, integrating their brand within these articles to reach a target audience, grow their brand, and measure results.

“This type of advertising medium is the only one of its kind,” Coralee says. “In addition to being a positive platform for the community, it’s an important outlet for our clients. The articles on LewisTalk link back to our customers’ own websites, which is extremely important.”

The Taylors explain that advertising on LewisTalk helps their customers see results. Chad notes that their clients have the ability to measure the views and results they are getting through analytics from Google, providing data as they decide how to spend their marketing dollars.

“LewisTalk serves not just as a way to get your story out and talk to people about your brand directly, but you’re also getting information online that all search engines see as extremely relevant content, which also benefits your business,” Chad says.

“When you add in the social media aspect, all those stories about your business getting shared, liked and re-tweeted works together to get your website more traffic,” he says. “Social media links pointing back to your website are valuable and it becomes a symbiotic circle.”

silver agency chehalis
Contact The Silver Agency team to find out how they can grow your business. Photo courtesy: The Silver Agency.

“Because the LewisTalk platform is so valuable — people want it and use it —Google sees it as a very reputable link to your website, which can help content scores and ranking,” he says.

“Our passion is to help people grow their businesses and become more successful,” Coralee says.

The Silver Agency
122 S Market Blvd in Chehalis

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