Submitted by Lewis County Emergency Management

Quickly cleaning homes and businesses impacted by floodwaters is important in order to limit potential further damage or mold growth. Drying, cleaning, and disinfecting locations impacted by floods requires clean water, soap, bleach and personal protective equipment.  If damage is extensive, it may also require professional assistance.

Before cleaning it is important to document the damage with photos thoroughly including any items that need to be thrown out and to contact the insurance company covering the home.

Lewis County Public Health and Social Services (PHSS) have provided multiple types of clean-up instructions for how to clean safely, what to do about mold, how to disinfect your well and much more on the Division of Emergency Management (DEM) website and social media. It is important to review all proper cleaning information for health considerations as well as damage mitigation. Once things are properly cleaned, disinfected and dried they should be safe from bacteria and viruses.

The DEM website also has information about the Damage Reporting Line for those people that need to report damage. Individuals can call 360-740-2600 to leave a message with their name, address, email and best callback phone number, to report the damage. The DEM website has the necessary forms to be completed for the initial damage reporting process. DEM Website:

Additional information and resources on flood clean up:                                   

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