Submitted by Lewis County PUD 

Lewis County PUD is excited to announce that all PUD customers will transition to a monthly billing cycle before January 1, 2021. The permanent transition to monthly billing provides many benefits, including:

  • Lower Bill Amounts. More frequent billing lowers the amount owing at any one time.
  • More Efficient Household Budgeting. Lewis County PUD bills will now align with other utility bills making budgeting more consistent.<
  • More Information About Your Electricity Usage. Monitoring your usage can help you control utility costs and save money.
  • Reduced Customer Arrearages. Customers will no longer be faced with a two-month billing period. Monthly billing allows the PUD to work with customers experiencing hardship more quickly and effectively. 

“Monthly billing is the industry standard; Lewis County PUD is one of the few power utilities that hasn’t transitioned to monthly billing, until now. But more important than aligning with other utilities, monthly billing is better for all involved: the PUD and most importantly our customers,” said Jennifer Bush, Customer Service Manager for Lewis County PUD.

The transition to monthly billing will occur automatically for customers sometime between August 10, 2020 and December 31, 2020. This 5-month window is to allow the PUD to incrementally transition its 33,000 customers to monthly billing, rather than all at once. Customers won’t need to take any action to initiate the monthly billing.

For more information, customers are encouraged to visit the PUD’s website at

About Lewis County PUD

Lewis County PUD is a community-owned, locally governed utility providing power services and telecommunications infrastructure to approximately 33,000 customers throughout most of Lewis County and adjacent communities.

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