Submitted by the Kincaid Family

Kayden Kincaid of Adna was selected out of hundreds of people of all ages to go to Hollywood for a chance to be discovered. Kayden auditioned with Arts International, a well-known talent agency and was one of just a few people selected. The 11-year-old will work with a talent coach to prepare to perform in a showcase for multiple agents, directors and managers in Hollywood. These folks are looking for individuals to work in the music industry, movies, TV, commercials and modeling.

Not new to performing, Kayden has performed for family and friends since he was about three years old. “Kayden would sing and perform self-made scripts for the family,” says his mother Shelly Kincaid.  “It wasn’t until Kayden grew older that his real skills and talent in singing and performing began to really show.”

Kayden attended the Voice Academy in California performing in front of an audience. His talents were noticed by a former contestant on the well-known, popular TV show “The Voice”. While there, he wrote and performed one of his own songs and sang the Katy Perry song “Unconditionally”.

He also appeared locally while performing in stage plays including “A Christmas Carol” in Longview last Christmas. “I have always liked singing and performing for people, but what I really want to do when I’m older is to start directing and producing films and shows,” says Kayden. Since he was eight years old, Kayden has been making short films and mini-movies that he writes, directs and films to share.

While in Hollywood this December, Kayden will audition in the categories of tv commercials, improv, film scenes, monologue, photography and singing solo for a chance to start a career in the performing arts industry.

His parents Will and Shelley Kincaid share that Kayden is multi-talented, giving him a better chance of getting discovered over others that are talented in just one specific area. Be on the lookout and keep your fingers crossed for a new rising star.

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