Saddle Up to Bolender Horse Park for their Gobblers Choice Challenge and Win a Turkey

Submitted by Bolender Horse Park

Choose your obstacles. Choose your path. Just choose wisely in order to rack up the most points to win. This isn’t your typical competition! Test your mountain trail skills at the Gobblers Choice Challenge, November 23 at Bolender Horse Park in Silver Creek.

Unlike competitions with set patterns, Gobblers Choice means you get to choose your path and which obstacles you take! Each obstacle has a certain number of points attached to it (you can see the list now, so you can start planning your strategy. The goal? Do as many obstacles as you can in 2 minutes that will rack up the most points! There are classes suitable for all skill levels including novice (walk), level 1 (walk), level 2 (walk/trot), level 3 (walk/trot/canter). Enter in-hand with your mini equine, pony or horse, or riding – again the choice is yours!

Bolender Horse Park
Can you pick a path to earn the most points in two minutes? Find out at the Gobblers Choice Challenge at Bolender Horse Park. Photo credit: Hal Cook

Just be sure to be back at the line before your time is up! This is a fun, fast-paced event that is perfect for our chilly fall weather. The winner at each level will go home with a free turkey! “Normally called ‘Gambler’s Choice’ our Gobblers Choice event is going to be a highlight of the season,” says Lee Bolender, who co-founded the International Mountain Trail Challenge Association (IMTCA) with her husband, Mark Bolender. “People really get into to and it’s fun to see the different strategies people use to get the most points.”

The event is just as fun to watch too! Come out, check out the park, and watch some amazing horsemanship and handlers and horses vie for a turkey.

Entry is just $35 and there will be a potluck for lunch, so bring a dish to share and hang out at the beautiful mountain trail course right here in Lewis County – it can’t be beat! To sign up or for more, contact the Bolender Horse Park via their website.

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