A farm, a family of six and the Pacific Northwest wet weather lends to lots of dirt. The search for finding a clean solution helped start Dirty Man Soap Co. The Parypa family of Chehalis has lots of fun in their lives. They also all aid in different aspects of the business and the farm. The father Ryan works on communication towers for Washington State Patrol. The children all work hard at chores and help each other keep entertained while their mother Hannah makes soap for the business. All efforts combine to keep the daily life flowing in their home.

Being at home with the four children is very important to Hannah. Gretchen is 10, Tobin 8, Alice 6 and Samuel 4.  A normal day consists of anything but routine. With chores and school in the morning for the kids, during afternoons Hannah works on soaps. But the daily schedule must be flexible with seasons with a garden, animals, homeschooling, and markets for selling products.

Dirty Man Soap Co.
The four Parypa Children, Gretchen age 10, Tobin age 8, Alice age 6, and Samuel age 4. Photo courtesy: Dirty Man Soap Co.

Farm steading has it’s on and off seasons. Planning, tilling, planting, weeding, watering, harvesting and processing fruits and vegetables are all part of the year for the family. Canning and preserving the produce allows them to enjoy the food they grew for the entire year. The animals also add to the equation with their upkeep and processing. Adding to the daily list of chores are chickens, turkeys and pigs. Every aspect of the farm incorporates homeschool learning tools for the children.

After receiving homemade soap from a friend, Hannah realized she could try to do it at home for herself. Making a clean house, while limiting toxins and resolving skin issues led Hannah to start experimenting with her own soap creations. She did not start the venture with a home business in mind, but seven years later, she is running a company.

Dirty Man Soap Co.
The bountiful garden for the Parypa family. Photo courtesy: Dirty Man Soap Co.

When her passion for soap making began to exceed the amount of dirt needing washed in their own household, Hannah decided to start selling it to make it a productive hobby. “If it’ll clean me, it’ll clean anyone,” Ryan says. They offer a range of products including soap, deodorant, beard oil and balm, insect repellant and lotion bars. The deodorant, Black Licorice Soap, and Sugared Spruce Soap are some of Hannah’s top favorite products.

As a family business, the kids pitch in to help with labeling the products. Gretchen is reaching an age where it’s safe to teach her to handle the products used to make the soaps. Learning the process of soap making and the business side of things offer great teaching aids for Hannah to pass on to her children.

Dirty Man Soap Co.
Dirty Man Soap labeling with Gretchen’s help. Photo courtesy: Dirty Man Soap Co.

The goal of Dirty Man Soap Co. is to pass along a product that matches the standards they have for their family. They desire to produce high quality, good value products with the most natural ingredients and minimal packaging possible. Each soap bar is neatly labeled with printed brown paper that effectively meets the marketing and packaging needs while maintaining a minimalistic feel.

Dirty Man Soap Co. offers its products in local stores, at both Jeremy’s Farm to Table Market and Fruit Stand, and Eastside Urban Farm and Garden Center in Olympia. Ewe and I in Chehalis offers customers custom Dirty Man soap made with sheep milk exclusive to their store.

Tailoring products to local stores is a wonderful way for the family to engage with the community. Offering customization is something that Dirty Man Soap Co. can do because they are a home-based business. Local craft beer soaps have even made their list of items. Online purchase of all products allows for different delivery options including free local pick up at the farm in Chehalis or shipping.

Dirty Man Soap Co.
Hannah during the soap making process. Photo courtesy: Dirty Man Soap Co.

In the realm of starting something new and daring, Hannah encourages people to go for it. “If they have the desire to start something that may seem a bit unconventional, don’t be afraid to try,” she says. “Just start smaller and grow organically.”

Hannah also offers tips for starting a hobby or business. “When you make a little bit of money, reinvest it into yourself so you can grow that way,” she says. “Instead of spending a lot of money on supplies and loans. There is really a lot of trial and error in learning. Also, keeping personal and family finances separate from business will make it a lot less stressful. Just have fun with it and see what happens.”

Check out products Dirty Man Soap Co. offers, whether online or in local businesses. Fragrances recommended for fall are Sugared Spruce, Spiced Cider, Fir, Woodsman, and Tobacco and Amber. Cucumber, Vanilla Lavender, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Sea Soap, Unicorn Farts, and Activated Charcoal are all wonderful scents to use daily.

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