Submitted by: Anderson House Emergent Placement Foster Home 

Many of you have heard about the Anderson House Emergent Placement Foster Home under development by Reliable Enterprises. We are pleased to announce the facility and program will open in April and house children and youth ages 5 -13 regardless of gender for 30-60 days. With the program about to launch, the hiring process to staff the facility is beginning now. Open positions include Case Managers, Direct Care Staff and various internship opportunities.

Case Managers will provide individualized care management and coordination of services; provide learning opportunities in partnership with staff, Social Workers, parents or legal guardians, or children/youth to provide innovative educational opportunities for the development of dynamic individuals. A Master’s or Bachelor’s Degree in Social Services or a closely related field from an accredited school is required and each individual will be required to pass thorough DSHS and FBI background checks.

Direct Care Staff will provide individualized care for children/youth attending; provide learning opportunities to children; is responsible for the maintenance of client records; data management of referrals and required monthly record keeping via agency/program data system(s), implementation of facility health, safety and hygiene practices; and day-to-day activities with children/youth.

All positions are full-time with competitive wages negotiated upon hiring, full benefit packages, vacation/sick leave time and schedules may vary.

Additionally, we are seeking a cadre of highly motivated, authentic, progressive and effective community volunteers as well as college interns looking to specialize in psychology, counseling, social work and/or social services. These individuals would be helping staff by providing support to children/youth in small groups or during activities/outing, providing coverage/breaks for staff, assisting with meal prep, daily facility chores, etc.

Please visit our website to apply online or pick up an application at 203 W Reynolds Ave in Centralia. Come join us as we expand and foster the growth of disabled and disadvantaged populations throughout Lewis County, while building the next leaders of our community!

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