We love to find out each month which of our stories you most loved reading and share those with you. This month, our readers loved learning about local people and places to hike (because aren’t we all hoping to get outside more and for less rainy weather).

Read on to find out more about your top stories!

1. Chris Jerde is Living Her Dream after Building the Perfect Horse Stable

Chris Jerde with Score in front of her new home and indoor arena. Her living quarters are seen in the front portion of the building. Photo courtesy: Chris Jerde

Chris Jerde has found the way to live with her life’s passion – horses. She sold her home in Randle in 2014 and built an indoor horse arena with living quarters in Mossyrock. Now she literally opens her back door and steps into the horse arena. Directly across the arena from that door are the horses in their stalls. She doesn’t even have to go outside to feed them. Sound like paradise? Read on to learn more.

2. Six Stunning Waterfalls in Lewis County

Considered to be one of the prettiest accessible waterfalls in Mount Rainier National Park, Narada Falls is accessed via a short, paved trail from a well-established parking area. Photo credit: Jeff Hollett

While many will stay indoors until the rain-free summer months, those who do take a jaunt to the great outdoors will be rewarded with stunning scenes of cascading water along some of the most pristine and gorgeous rivers around. In Lewis County, there are dozens of incredible waterfalls to visit and explore, but six stand out as must-see destinations in the spring months.

3. An Inside Look at the Back County Horsemen Who Keep Our Trails Clear

Doc and Deb Wesselius volunteer their own time as well as their pack mules for the Great Gravel Haul-In that took place earlier this year to ready the trails for spring and summer use. Photo courtesy: LCBCH

Many of us enjoy the thousands of miles of trails that crisscross our beautiful state’s scenic forestlands. Whether you are walking, hiking, biking or riding a horse, you may have wondered who keeps those trails clear as you enjoy the beauty. Sure, there are employees of the state and national parks that do some of the work, but they do not have the funding to keep all the trails clear – so who is doing it? Often, your trails are usable thanks to the volunteer efforts of the non-profit organization Back Country Horsemen of Washington, which has 32 chapters across Washington State.

4. Editor’s Choice: Flat-Track Roller Derby with the Rainy City Roller Dolls

Brannin was an original recruit of the Roller Dolls, and has been part of the team for 10 years. Photo credit: Bill Zingraf

They’re wives, mothers, students, nurses and artists. They’re strong and resilient, yet compassionate and welcoming. They’re also fierce, fast and determined to knock their opponents over. They are the Rainy City Roller Dolls.

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