Experienced Brothers Open Rock Creek LLC Plumbing and Water Systems Company for Homes and Businesses in Thurston, Lewis and Cowlitz Counties


Brothers Rand and Jade Koskiniemi launched Rock Creek LLC this year to offer their combined decades of experience in general and specialty plumbing services to homes and businesses in Thurston, Lewis and Cowlitz counties. Rand has been working as a plumber since he was 16 when he helped at a relative’s business.

“What I liked when I started was learning how everything worked and how all the pipes fit together,” Rand says. “I liked building stuff.”

Rand Koskiniemi, pictured here, and his brother Jade operate Rock Creek LLC, delivering decades of general and specialized plumbing work, now in Thurston, Lewis and Cowlitz counties. Photo courtesy: Rock Creek LLC

Rock Creek LLC Provides Decades of Local Plumbing, Construction and Water Systems Experience

The brothers now have more than 25 years of local extensive experience in plumbing and construction projects associated with water systems, remodeling, new builds, home utilities, dirt work, drainage and more.

After attending a technical school training program and completing an apprenticeship, Rand began working in Clark County and obtained his journeyman plumber’s card. In 2019, he moved to Prosser and was employed by a private plumbing company doing commercial and industrial work. He has also worked for a local unit of the plumber’s union. He returned to hands-on plumbing work with his brother in the summer of 2023 when they officially opened Rock Creek LLC in the Castle Rock area, naming the business after a stream in Clark County. “My brother Jade is about five years younger than me, and he has been plumbing in Clark County for the last six years,” says Rand of the duo’s experience.

a woman has her hand on a water treatment container connected to two brass pipes
Rock Creek LLC specializes in water treatment systems. Get a free estimate today by contacting owners Rand and Jade Koskiniemi. Photo courtesy: Rock Creek LLC

Rock Creek LLC Specializes in Water Treatment Systems and Water-Related Plumbing Challenges

Rock Creek LLC’s expertise stretches beyond the ordinary as the brothers specialize in domestic water treatment systems, a unique service setting them apart from other plumbers and construction companies. “We try to specialize in water systems, such as water heaters, water filtration systems and water treatment systems,” says Rand. “But we are open to anything in plumbing, including underground piping.”

close up of a tub faucet and handle
Rock Creek LLC can help you with plumbing projects in Thurston, Lewis and Cowlitz counties, like installing this new Delta tub and shower valve with a new tub surround. Photo courtesy: Rock Creek LLC

Rand says that currently, they are busy handling calls from customers looking for shower and tub replacements, which is a common plumbing issue. “They get old and start leaking everywhere and cause water damage,” he explains. “The old fiberglass ones start to fail, and there is water damage on the floor. We can assess and see if the base is still good and see if the walls must come off. Most of the time, they need a new valve or new trim. It all depends on the situation. We try to save the base if we can.”

Rand is also a registered contractor with Home Depot, which means customers buying a shower or tub can arrange with Home Depot to have him install the unit. “They can pick it out, and when they want it installed, the calls come to me,” he says.

Rock Creek LLC Assures Honest and High-Quality Plumbing Practices

The Koskiniemis are dedicated to not only offering high-quality plumbing and water treatment services locally but also are focused on providing honest practices and work you can trust. The brothers are committed to excellence and dedication to their craft. Rand says they discussed what they had seen in their prior employment and what they wanted to do and not do in opening their own business.

If you are looking for a local company with professionals who can install a well water filtration system, contact Rock Creek LLC. The experienced owners provide general and specialized plumbing services and more. Photo courtesy: Rock Creek LLC

“The main thing is, we both worked for service plumbing companies and saw lots of sales tactics and lots of dishonesty because people don’t understand their systems or what is in their water,” says Rand.

“Your water heater and water filtration systems are some of the most expensive plumbing issues you can have in your home,” he adds. “We saw huge gaps in people paying $8,000 to $10,000 to put in filtration systems that cost only about $1,500. We are trying to fill that gap. We don’t agree with those sales tactics.”

gas water heater against a wall
Need a gas water heater replaced? Call, text or email Rock Creek LLC for these and other plumbing and water treatment projects. Photo courtesy: Rock Creek LLC

Contact Rock Creek LLC for Plumbing and Water Systems Free Consultations and Estimates

If you are a home or business owner in the counties of Thurston, Lewis and Cowlitz, contact the Koskiniemis today to learn more about Rock Creek LLC’s expertise in handling your plumbing and water systems projects. Rock Creek LLC provides free consultations and estimates. For more information on the broad scope of services offered for plumbing and construction projects, check out the company’s website.

Rock Creek LLC
Castle Rock
Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Email: Rand@rockcreek.llc
Phone/Text: 360.852.1153


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