Submitted by Lewis County Public Health & Social Services

In response to the challenges COVID-19 vaccine-eligible residents of Lewis County are finding when trying to schedule vaccine appointments, Lewis County Public Health & Social Services (LCPHSS) is working with local agencies to help reduce barriers and get residents vaccinated. Bird’s Eye Medical, Twin Transit, and United Way of Lewis County are working together along with LCPHSS to plan for mobile clinics as vaccine supplies become available.

Without reliable transportation, access to the internet or knowledge of how to navigate the current online appointment system, many of Lewis County’s Phase 1B, tier 1 eligible residents are unable or unaware of how to get their COVID-19 vaccines. This partnership will address these major barriers by developing vaccine clinics for targeted populations in their communities within Lewis County.

“As with many elements of our COVID response, vaccine distribution has required our team to make adjustments as we go to address local concerns and barriers to service. While vaccine supply will continue to be a limiting factor across the state and country until production is increased, this mobile approach will greatly improve access to this important medicine for our most vulnerable residents,” said JP Anderson, Director of LCPHSS.

More details will be provided as planning progresses on how Lewis County residents can make arrangements to access these services and who will be eligible to receive their vaccines from these mobile clinics.

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