They say creativity is making marvelous out of the discarded. This is exactly what Cayden Gaston owner of Never Ending Threads does. She is a light of positivity with a dose of a grand sense of adventure, coupled with a rockin’ fashion sense she happily shares with others.

As the go-to place for handcrafted upcycled clothes, boots, jewelry and purses, Never Ending Threads’ style is gypsy, rockabilly western and all about good vibes.

Growing up, Cayden often went thrifting and to garage sales with her mother. It was a way to connect with her mother and spend quality time together. Her mom is a huge inspiration in what she does now at Never Ending Threads.

Never Ending Threads
Find clothing with history from Never Ending Threads. Photo courtesy: Never Ending Threads

The idea for the trendy shop came to fruition when Cayden attended a wedding and wore a pair of vintage boots. She put her mother’s belt around them and added a few other cool pieces. Everyone at the wedding loved them. Inspired, Cayden stopped at several secondhand stores on her way home and bought all the boots she could find. That day started her creative journey as the owner of Never Ending Threads.

While there is a storefront in Centralia, the main focus of Never Ending Threads is their online presence. The vintage clothing is often found at pop up shops and trunk shows at flea markets like one recently thrown by Northwest Grind in Rochester.

With a carefree spirit, Cayden enjoys the freedom to go on road trips to find the perfect vintage tee or to just have an adventure. That independence is extremely important to her and having her own brand and being her own boss allows that.

Never Ending Threads
Find the perfect pair of vintage jeans at Never Ending Threads. Photo courtesy: Never Ending Threads

Cayden loves the history a vintage piece of clothing has. Fashion Designer Marc Jacobs says, “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” Every piece of upcycled clothing has a story. Someone could have met the love of their life wearing a pair of jeans or been through heartbreak in one of the vintage band tees. The history of the article of clothing is captivating to Cayden. “When you put on a cowboy hat, you never know where someone wore it,” she says. “They could have been herding cattle on their ranch or gone on adventures in it.”

Cayden makes all her leather purses by hand, adding lovely hardware, fringe, and hand sewing it all together.  She upcycles old vintage tees, boots and hats. To Cayden, it’s all art. Collaborating with local artist Bradley Cart of Lucky No. 3 Tattoo Company, the moon handkerchief that the pair created was such a big hit, it is currently sold out on the website.

Cayden is a firm believer that you are the company you keep, which is why she surrounds herself with positive and artistic people. She partnered with Madison Grove Farm for a giveaway. The non- profit organization is made up of 100% volunteers and is a formal sanctuary and healing farm in Winlock.

Never Ending Threads
“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” Coco Chanel. Photo courtesy: Never Ending Threads

Cayden also hosted a women’s retreat where the ladies made smudge sticks and ate a lunch of fresh produce harvested from the garden. The retreat provided the opportunity to network with other powerful women from all over the state.

“I believe in spreading love and positivity,” says Cayden. “If I see someone that has a cute shirt on, I will tell them. If I like someone’s shoes, I make sure and say something. I love how it can make a person’s whole day by just being authentic and showing love.”

Fashion Designer Anne Klein says, “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will.”  Its women like Cayden changing the world, right here in Lewis County. Be the author to your own story, be kind, and spread love and positivity — If you like someone’s shoes tell them. If you see someone who needs encouragement remind them of their worth. But most of all be authentic.

Never Ending Threads
107 N. Oak St.

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