Centralia College Foundation Names 2020 Exceptional Faculty Award Winners


Submitted by Centralia College Foundation

The Centralia College Foundation has selected Georganne Copeland and Emmy Kreilkamp to receive the 2020 Exceptional Faculty Awards. They were chosen for their commitment to and excellence in their subject areas, and participation in campus activities.

Georganne Copeland

Exceptional Faculty Awards
Photo courtesy: Centralia College

Georganne Copeland has experienced Centralia College on both sides of the teaching podium. She was a Centralia College student first and, in 1985, returned to the college as a part-time keyboarding teacher. She was hired by Alice Forth, who became dean of students in 1989; Copeland took Forth’s full-time teaching position at that time. She’s been teaching business technology classes at CC ever since.

Keyboarding remains one of her favorite classes to teach.

“Keyboarding has been a consistent part of my workload and I enjoy helping students develop strong skills that help with their college work, in their personal life, and in the workplace,” she said. “But, I also enjoy teaching Business Communications for those same reasons. Recently, my interaction with the (bachelor’s degree) students has been a highlight. I appreciate their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.”

Copeland said she enjoys watching students build confidence as they progress through her classes.

“I always knew I wanted to teach, but it took my Centralia College instructors, Alice Forth and Marge Wieland, to show me this path,” she added. “I am grateful to them for opening that door.”

Emmy Kreilkamp

Exceptional Faculty Awards
Photo courtesy: Centralia College

Emmy Kreilkamp came to Centralia College from Chicago after being offered a full-time tenure-track theatre position in the spring of 2016. She said she was attracted to the position because it allowed her to teach theatre, direct plays, and experience all the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

“The Pacific Northwest won me over with its proximity to the coast, mountains, and plentiful hiking and camping areas,” she said. “I am happy to claim this region as my new home.”

Kreilkamp currently teaches all of CC’s drama classes from acting to playwriting, and some English classes such as Shakespeare and Screenwriting.  She also directs 3 plays a year, is the faculty advisor for the Theatre Club, and oversees the summer theatre program for young people.

“I think teaching Beginning Acting is my favorite,” she said. “Many students take it for a new experience (as it is different from their other classes), which allows me to engage with many different majors and people of diverse interests. I enjoy seeing people transform into characters and use their imaginations in an interactive way.”

She said teaching has been an exceptionally rewarding choice of career and she’s grateful for the opportunity to connect with students.

“Seeing students move from being lukewarm on a topic on the first day of classes to engaged and passionate about the subject matter is the most rewarding part about teaching,” she said. “Regardless of where they end up, I hope my students leave my classes with a stronger appreciation for and understanding of the arts.”

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