Business Signs a Specialty at Twin Cities Sign and Graphics


Business signage is critical for brick and mortar shops. If you need a new sign, or want to update an old one, Twin Cities Sign and Graphics can help you get the job done quickly and with the benefit of great customer service.

twin cities signs
Kelley Christensen, owner of Twin Cities Sign & Graphics, describes a variety of signs options available for business owners. Photo credit: Sara Light-Waller

Kelley Christensen is the owner of Twin Cities Sign and Graphics and makes the process easy. “If you’re a business person who doesn’t know where to start, we can help. We’ll guide you through the entire process and point you toward the right products for your budget.” She can also assist with color choices, logos, and inspiration for the design.

The process begins with setting goals and a project budget. The next step is to work out the design, materials, and colors for the sign. If a client needs help designing a new logo or other imagery, Kelley can help with that, too.

“When meeting with clients I like to get them talking about what inspires them,” Kelley explains. “I want to know what style and sign examples appeal to them.”

Once a client is happy with their designs, a full color proof is made showing the new sign graphic superimposed upon an image of the storefront. The graphics are then fine-tuned until the client is satisfied. After final approval, the sign is made.

twin cities signs
Sign installation is done quickly and with little interruption to business activities. Photo courtesy: Kelley Christensen.

Business signs come in many styles — for windows, doors, storefronts, and for vehicle graphics. And they’re made in a wide variety of materials too — vinyl, wood, metal or PVC. There’s something for every budget.

“I want people to know that getting something done for your business can be quite affordable,” Kelley says. “People think that it will cost a lot to get a business set up with signage. Not so. We can help you get something that will fit within your budget and get your business seen.”

Kelley explains the timeline for business sign creation. “It’s all quite fast. Once the artwork is approved we can produce the sign or storefront graphic in a day or two. Once the sign is made, we’ll schedule the installation and this can be done with virtually no interruption to regular business activities.”

twin cities signs
Centralia’s Beauty Bar uses classic white vinyl for their window graphics. Photo credit: Sara Light-Waller

For moderate budgets, a good choice is printed vinyl. Vinyl signs come in wide range of colors and are printed in-house. “There are tons of creative business owners I have had the pleasure to work with. Beauty Bar and The Beehive Salon use classic white vinyl on their windows. The design work we did with them was so much fun!” Perforated vinyl signs are another option. These allow the customer, or the driver, to see out through the design, but offer less visibility inwards and therefore more privacy.

If you have a larger budget you can get a backlit sign, channel letters, custom metal signs and building-length banners. Kelley can help you create any type of sign for your business. “We strive to get our clients the best fit for their budget while getting the most out of our products.”

This holds true when a client wants something out-of-the-box and challenging.

twin cities signs
Business signs come in many styles — for windows, doors, storefronts, and banners. Photo courtesy: Kelley Christensen

“We did a sign for a ranch once — a double-sided, shaped metal sign. The client was very specific, he wanted the worn, distressed look of wood with the durability of a metal. So, we created a background that looked like distressed wood and overlaid his logo on top. It turned out amazing! And the customer was thrilled.”

“The thing I enjoy most about creating signs is the end product,” Kelley says. “Seeing the excitement on a client’s face when I hand over the finished sign or storefront graphic is truly amazing. It’s fulfilling to know that I had a small part in building up our community.”

You don’t need to live in the twin cities to have a sign made at Twin Cities Sign and Graphics. “We have clients all over the U.S. and do a lot of design work over the internet. We can ship anywhere in the United States with two-day shipping. We want to make it convenient for customers.”

twin cities signs
Vinyl signs are made in-house at Twin Cities Signs and Graphics. Photo courtesy: Sara Light-Waller

Getting the job done right is important to Kelley. “It’s all about customer service with me. We’ll follow up and guarantee our products. It’s important that you get the product you want and come back to me if there are any issues. I want to provide the best customer service that I can.”

Twin Cities Sign and Graphics is located at 540 N Tower Ave in Centralia, WA. Visit their website, call them at 360-807-1200 or follow Twin Cities Sign and Graphics on Facebook.

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