June is all about gearing up for summer fun, warm weather and maybe a little nostalgia thrown into the mix. You, our readers, most enjoyed a variety of pieces this past month, including a piece about Lewis County’s own Major League Baseball star, a town that no longer exists and the community coming together to help a local business.

Read on to find out more about your top stories!

1. Lyle Overbay is Living Another Dream after His MLB Days End

Lyle Overbay stands with his son, Luke, at a recent Black Hills all-star baseball practice. Photo credit: Gail Wood

2. Remembering the Town of Riffe

Sokol’s Riffe General Store was a popular hangout for youth in Riffe and a great place to stop for travelers heading over the mountain pass. This photo was taken in 1948. Photo courtesy: Buddy Rose Collection

3. HUBBUB Shop Disaster Brings the Community Together

The HUBBUB Pop Shop is open for business in the lobby of the old Wilson Hotel. Photo credit: Sara Light-Waller

4. Painted Rocks Spread Joy in Lewis County

Beautifully painted rocks may be found almost anywhere you go. Pick them up, turn them over, and it will say the name of the rock group that placed it. Photo credit: Brittany Roden
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