Brrrr. It’s chilly. And when it gets chilly outside we tend to sidle up to the fire or, more likely, tap the “up” button on the thermostat. But when your home or business has an inefficient heating system, you may end up choosing a sweater instead. Now more than ever, ductless heat pumps are being installed as an energy and cost efficient upgrades for home and business, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Boggs Inspection Services
Dwayne Boggs has been inspecting homes in the South Sound for over 13 years. ©LewisTalk

Dwayne Boggs, founder and owner of Boggs Inspection Services has seen just about every HVAC system possible in his 13 years as a home inspector. His training and field experience have given him the inside look at the benefits home and business owners gain with the increasingly popular ductless heat pump systems.

Ductless heat pumps are small, interior mounted heating and cooling systems located high on the walls of homes and businesses. Heating and cooling are delivered directly to an interior space without traditional ductwork. Heat pumps use an exterior condenser to transfer heat from the outside air directly to the inside unit, offering a number of tangible benefits.

  1. Money savings ­– High on most people’s list of benefits is the money you’ll save with a ductless. Energy efficient ductless heat pumps cost a fraction to run compared to traditional systems. The relatively inexpensive installation costs to upgrade to ductless also make it a budget-friendly option over the long haul. Add rebates and tax credits from local, state and federal level to the mix and the savings pile up.
  1. Ductless heat pump
    As part of a ductless heat pump system, a small condensing unit is located outside the building with only a three inch pipe needed to connect to the interior.

    Flexible, easy upgrade option Have baseboard, electric wall or space heaters, or window-mounted units in your home? These inefficient sources can easily be swapped out for ductless systems. Ductless are also a good option for office spaces and new construction offering precise temperature control zone by zone. And ductless heat pumps provide heating and air conditioning to your space giving you comfort all year round with one unit. Looking to upgrade your whole space? Up to eight interior units can be connected to one exterior condenser unit. Connection requires only a small, three-inch pipe to connect exterior to interior units.

  1. Remodel ready ­– During a remodel, extending your ducted system is expensive and often requires extensive construction. Using a ductless instead, for new additions or updated spaces, can save money while giving you cost-effective heating. Detached workshops, studios or mother-in-law apartments are also great spaces to use a ductless heat pump.
  1. Better air quality ­­– When air is sent through ductwork, it picks up dust and pollen in the process. These allergens are then circulated throughout your home. Indoor air quality is often poor in today’s air-tight homes. Ductless heat pumps have multiple filters and deliver air directly from the outdoors to your room, avoiding the allergens lurking in ductwork.
  1. Ductless installation
    A ductless heat pump can be mounted high above your living space delivering even heating and cooling throughout.

    Easy installation – Installation can often be done in a day or less making the upgrade to a ductless heat pump easy and quick. Once the outdoor unit is placed, the interior wall unit is connected via a small cable and refrigerant line. The ease of installation preserves the aesthetic of your rooms in addition to avoiding any major construction.

  1. Lowers your carbon footprint – A ductless heat pump reduces your carbon footprint through the significant reduction in energy usage. Each system meets Energy Star guidelines and reduces energy usage by 60% over traditional electric options. In addition, ductless heat pumps use refrigerant called R410A known for its zero ozone depletion potential.

Energy efficiency, cost savings and positive environmental impact are all benefits of upgrading to a ductless. In use for years in Europe and Asia, ductless systems have proven reliability and longevity.

Dwayne Boggs has seen it all in his 13 years inspecting homes and has seen many fads come and go. Ductless heat pumps, however, are here to stay. Armed with information on ductless heat pumps, buyers care rest easy knowing there are affordable options to upgrade and sellers can weigh the options of adding value before they sell.

To learn more or talk with an experienced inspector, visit Boggs Inspection Services online or call 360-480-9602.


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